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Futuristic Link Building Strategies

Let’s face it, most of the SEO strategies out there are 100% theory. For some reason people like to make up random SEO strategies that sound super complex & effective; but in reality they’ve never actually used them with much if any success themselves.

All the pyramids and link wheels out there won’t get the top rankings you desire unless you have setup Google Authorship. That’s the first step and you can read about it here: http://workwithdavidwood.com/setting-up-google-authorship-101/

Once you have Google authorship setup, you’ve practically qualified yourself to get instant rankings. Me personally, I like fast results. I like to do things and see an instant result. If I do SEO on a post/page/website and it doesn’t rank within 3 days, I consider it a failure.

So step one is setting up authorship. Step two is having a quality authoritative website or blog. Without a high quality site/blog, your site really doesn’t deserve rankings = plain and simple. If your site sucks, it will take a lot more effort to get its stuff ranked.

Once you have an authoritative looking site and lots of content along with the Google authorship hookup, Google should give you “the SEO ring of fire”: David Wood Google Authorship This is what I call the SEO ring of fire. When you search for your domain on Google, it brings it up rank #1 page one with a list of its popular content below. This means Google loves your site and its qualified to rank for big money keywords.

I really believe in qualifying yourself to Google via authorship, having A TON of content (50-1000+ pages) and an attractive site design. If you don’t have all of that, forget about backlinking and go work on your site. On-page SEO is pretty much bullshit, but having a large good looking website is crucial.

Once you have authority, it doesn’t matter what your keyword density or even what keywords you target – as you will rank for everything. Now, back to link building…

The best links in the world are derived from high page rank and relevancy. The higher the page rank of the backlinks, the more powerful. The same goes for relevance, but more importantly with high PR.

So how do you get high PR links?

You can either buy them or build them yourself. Building your own high PR network of sites is really the ultimate way to get ranked almost instantly for competitive terms. Remember the huge blog network shenanigan? Where Google went on a rampage and took down most of the biggest blog networks…

Well that was because their high PR websites were all linking out to the same sites multiple times daily. It was out of control so Google penalized everyone involved. With your own network, you only link to your own sites.

Let’s take dog training for example. If you had a new dog training blog and you wanted to rank really fast for “dog training”, “training dogs” and “how to train dogs”. What you would do is go out and purchase high PR domains (preferably PR3 or above) and setup relevant mini sites on them linking to your main dog training blog.

Generally what SEO’s do is setup a static homepage with a long 800+ word piece of content linking to their main money site using their main keywords as anchor text. These links are gold. They are high page rank, relevant exact match anchor text backlinks – the best in the world.

Don’t worry about varying anchor text with your high PR domains, you can desaturate your anchor text profile via cheap/automated links. Plus, you can always build out the high PR sites adding more content and actually ranking them.

The only problem is these links cost a lot of money. a PR5+ (the best) domain will set you back $200-$300 and then it costs $1-5/month to host each domain on its own C class IP address. SEO hosting is essential!

If you want to instantly dominate a small niche, then 20, 10 or even 5 high PR relevant home page links is all it takes to electrify your entire site and all its pages. You can find high PR domains at PRname.net, Godaddy Auctions or forums like Digital Point.

On top of the “golden high pr links”, you need to constantly build a wide variety of other diverse links including wikis, PDF links, web2.0′s, article directory and directory links. Ultimately the relevant high PR links will allow you to rank for anything.

The other links, the ones all SEO’s are talking about – you need them to diversify your link profile and desaturate your anchor text profile. For example, to dominate a medium sized niche, you could build 5 high PR relevant sites/month and use a daily link building schedule of:

  1. Monday: 10 Web2.0 Links
  2. Tuesday: 20 Blog Comments
  3. Wednesday: 10 PDF Links
  4. Thursday:  30 Wikis
  5. Friday: 20 Article Directory Links
  6. Sat: 20 Forum Links
  7. Sunday: 10 directory Links/Social Signals

Obviously you’ll want to start small with the link building and gradually increase the number of links you build as your site gains momentum. But that’s it; the futuristic link building strategies that kick ass in today’s SEO environment.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more link building tips, tricks and strategies.

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Neil Patt
Neil Patt

Good link building is the cornerstone of solid off-page SEO which can yield good ranking in search engine.


Social backlinks justify the thousands of links you're getting from article directories,blogs and web 2.0's. That's why I think you can't ignore social when building backlinks, if your getting thousands of backlinks from  different sites but you aren't getting likes,tweets and facebook shares it raises a red flag right away.  


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