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Effective Article Marketing Strategies

Well, there are two strategies that still work very well.

  1. The New Old School Strategy
  2. Mass Submitting

Both strategies work very well and I’ll explain why. The mass submitting isn’t exactly spamming, but it’s the closest thing to it.

Let’s start with the New Old School strategy.

The New Old School Strategy

This strategy is basically just an ancient article marketing strategy with a twist. As you should already know, in the very beginning SEO’s wrote one article for one backlink. They would hand write an article and submit it to 1 website for 1 juicy backlink.

That was way before the evolution of spinning and automation tools. SEO’s would hand write a 300-500 word article and submit it to a single article directory for one high quality backlink. Then they’d repeat the process on multiple directories until they achieved their desired results.

Effective Article Marketing Strategies

It worked and it still works today. However, back then SEO’s didn’t bother so much with second or third tier links. That’s the twist! After all the panda updates and other search engine shenanigans, it’s the best way to build backlinks.

Writing one article for one backlink, but adding tier two and three links into the mix. Those old school backlinks are highly effective today. In fact if you wrote fifty 400+ word articles and submitted each one to a different high Page Rank directory, you’d see a huge improvement in your search engine rankings and a solid ROI.

It might cost you $3 an article so $150 for 50 good articles and high quality backlinks. Between those 50 articles, they might each generate 5 visitors a day so that’s 250 daily visitors reading your articles on the directories. Out of those 250 even if just 20% clicked through to your site, that’s 50 brand new referral visitors per day.

Or 1500 per month, all from a $150 one time investment. That’s not even including the search engine traffic you’d get from the boost in rankings, that could be beyond the 3000 visitors/month mark.

The whole one article for one backlink concept works great because it’s completely natural promotion. But – a single backlink from a high Page Rank article directory doesn’t pack the same punch as a spun article submitted to 1000 article directories. Overall the 1000 spun backlinks would drive more link juice through to your website and leads to higher search engine rankings.

The problem is, that kind of black hat SEO is exactly what’s going to get you in trouble with master Google. Most webmasters warm to black hat SEO because they think they’d have to submit 1000 unique articles to get the same results they’d get from 1 spun article submission to 1000 websites.

The fact is that you wouldn’t have to submit 1000 unique articles to get the same results you’d get from a single spun article submitted to 1000 websites. Unique white hat links are at least ten times more powerful than links generated by spun article submissions.

The trick is in the tier two links. If you built 10 unique backlinks with 10 hand written articles, you might move up two spots for your target keyword. However, if you built 10,000 tier 2 backlinks to the 10 articles; you might jump from rank #22 to 12.

The cool thing about tier 2 links is that they can be complete and utter spam. Your money site doesn’t get penalized by tier 2 links, but floods of link juice flows through to your website from the tier 2 backlinks. If the tier 2 links are pointing to your tier 1 links which point to your website, link juice passes straight through.

Think of the tier 1 links as a filter and spam backlinks as murky water (the murkiness being the havoc spam links can bring and the water being the link juice they provide). By going through the tier 1 sites (the filter) the liquid link juice flows straight through leaving all the murkiness behind.

That doesn’t mean you get all the link juice. During the transportation of link juice, some gets lost. Also, a lot the link juice from the tier 2 links will remain with the tier 1 links. That’s not a bad thing either. While a lot of the tier 2 power will go through to your website, the rest that stays with the tier 1 links will help them rank.

Article Marketing Strategies

So in terms of article marketing, you’ll have all these “white hat” article directory backlinks sending you hordes of link juice and traffic! You should have a massive realization right about now.

The tier 1 article directories will have a lot of power naturally because of their root domain authority; the tier 2 links just take it to another level. They drive obscene amounts of link juice through to your website by using the natural tier 1 article directories as a blanket or filter.

So it’s completely risk free black hat SEO which is 100% ok. I’ve never come across anyone that’s been permanently sandboxed because of tier 2 link spam. It’s just safe spam. The idea is that the tier 1 links can withhold any number of backlinks.

If EzineArticles.com suddenly gets 200,000 backlinks overnight; Google doesn’t blink an eye. But if your site gets 200,000 links in any time period at all, Google gets very suspicious and may penalize you.

This strategy is time tested and proven to work no matter what situation your site is in. The article directories you should use are:


They are the top 20 article directories right now and to begin with you should focus on the top 6-10. All you need to do is manually write each article and submit each one to one directory from the list above. The 1 article = 1 backlink principle is the reason this strategy works so well. Writing these articles manually would be a huge waste of time so if you’re going to do it you need to set aside some money for outsourcing.

$150 to start with is the minimum, that’ll get you a solid 50 articles if you outsource to India or the Philippines. At $3/article you’ll get OK articles, don’t expect anything that looks like it was written by a native English speaker.

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I have a question about this article marketing strategy. Ok, for the tier 2 links, do you use software's like Article Marketing Robot for the mass submissions? What about for profile links, what can I use to submit that amount? This really wasn't clear to me in the article, other than that very informative article as I wasn't aware of this technique. Thanks!

Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff

This is a powerful backlinking strategy and best thing about it is it won't cost you an arm and a leg to implement, awesome post as usual!


Love this strategy. This has been talked about on a number of different blogs, and really seems to be the way to go now. Just don't forget to do your keyword research ;)


Yes, article marketing robot. For mass profiles, Xrumer; a russian software with a $500 price tag.

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