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David Woods Coaching Call with Chris Rocheleau-My Personal Review.

When you join David’s team in Numis Network you get a free coaching call. David plainly says that he does not have enough time allotted in the day to do one on one coaching with everybody. So who does he have call you to layout a game plan to get you started? Chris Rocheleau.

So you would think that if David Woods is not the one calling you, that you would get a phone call from some guy that David pays that would have some scripted program. With Chris Rocheleau’s coaching session here’s what I got.

First off Chris and David are buddies from even before the green van days. Chris is highly knowledgeable and has an extensive background and experience in marketing online. He was extremely pleasant and just as sincere and personable as David appears.

After Chris asked a few questions about where I am coming from, he made some powerful recommendations. You see, I have spent the better part of two years being subscribed to just about every online marketers list and have spent more money trying to learn more than I care to count. For starters, Chris recommended hitting the unsubscribe button to all those lists. I thought that that was great advice.

It is overwhelming to get so many emails from the online marketing guru’s with their latest sales pitch. I have shiny object syndrome and it is easy to feel like you have to buy everything to make money online. The fact is, much of what’s available from these so called guru’s are all the same products sold and packaged separately. I’m sure you know what I mean.

So he gave great advice to hit the unsubscribe button. (Actually I had already done that but it was good to have that confirmed.)

His ideas about content creation, that I had had, were actually dead on. I just never had the confidence in what was swimming around in my head, was actually right. Chris confirmed that as well.

If you have seen any of David’s videos you know that he promotes, what has been working for the last 20 years or so, to generate traffic online. Create, syndicate, and back link, are the keys to success in generating massive amounts of traffic.

Chris not only verified David’s philosophy revealed, few big secrets on how to create massive rush hour traffic to any site, blog post, article, or video. There are a couple of tools online that are affordable and can get your content out through many of the social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and more in big fat hurry.

Those tools are TribePro and Buzzify. Those tools work hand in hand to syndicate your content all over the universe, apparently. So I will be subscribing to both of those services in the next few days. BTW you have got to ask him how you can create a link to your own site with a simple technique using Vimeo video sharing. That tip was awesome!

Chris also suggested that I need to buy Dave’s Perpetual Funnel Course. The cost for the course is $495 dollars. Of course I would love learn how to set up the whole sales funnel, the way the way the David did in the beginning, but the price is too steep for me at the moment.

Chris did make me a low key one time very attractive offer, but I still had to pass. He did say that as soon as I was in a position to grab it, that I should. I will for sure.

In the mean time I will take my coaching call with Chris Rocheleau as a very positive experience. He also offers coaching on a one to one basis, for a fee of course.  I will be doing that shortly too. Chris actually lives down the road from me near Denver Colorado.

Here’s my advice if you are thinking about joining David’s team. Do it. The coaching call itself is worth it.

I wonder if I could get a coaching call for the price of a Starbucks. Or a back link to his site.

Hmmmmmm just wondering.

Here’s to your crazy success.

Chris Rocheleau

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