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Creating ‘Quantum Leaps’ In Your Business (In 3 Easy Steps)

A couple of years ago, I noticed something powerful.

How people struggle for years to build their first ‘real’ business, until they experience their first breakthrough.

What happens after is always fascinating to watch.

People almost always start experiencing kind of ‘quantum leaps’ in their income levels.

For some people the first breakthrough is making $100/day, for others it’s $5000/month. A kind of mental breakthrough, that once surpassed; they start sporadically experiencing these ‘quantum leaps‘.

Several years ago, I stopped teaching people specifically how to create their first breakthrough. From what I’ve seen, it doesn’t matter what you tell people to do, they’re going to go out there and do it their own way.

The first breakthrough is something people have to figure out by themselves through a process of trial & error. What’s different, is helping people exponentially grow their income once they’ve ‘broken through’.

Because the truth is, once you’ve reached your first kind of ‘real business’ income level of $100/day or $5000/month, it’s really easy to double, triple or quadruple it.

This post its about you drastically growing your business NOW, by focusing on 3 things.


Multiplying 3 things in your business by 3, using a couple of simple strategies.

  • Tripling Sales
  • Tripling Profit Per Sale
  • Tripling Repeat Customers

Each one multiples the last, taking a tiny $100/day business to just shy of 7 figures a year. I’m sure by now you realize how marketers and business owners in general only focus on one thing to grow their business.

Increasing Traffic.

They seek out SEO people, PPC folks or conversion optimization experts. when the reality is, getting traffic is the slowest way to grow your business, when you’re already making at least a sale a day.

It’s faster, easier and more effective to focus on these 3 things and nothing else. Now pay attention, because as you read these 3 strategies you’re going to realize exactly what to do, in your own way to create quantum leaps in your business.

1. Tripling Sales

Tripling sales is the fastest when you already have a lead flow. You can either get 3x more traffic (the hardest way), triple conversion rate or triple lead flow.

I’m gonna leave out traffic as traffic isn’t ever an issue, it’s easy to create and there are 100′s of people who can teach you how to get more traffic.

The fastest way to triple sales is to triple lead flow, by making a couple of fundamental tweaks in your marketing. Starting with the lead magnet.

The lead magnet or ‘opt-in bait’ is the free offer you offer visitors in return for their email address. All of your leads are coming from your squeeze pages, which offer some kind of lead magnet.

By simply changing the lead magnet you can double, triple or quadruple your leads & sales overnight.

A good lead magnet is always very specific, and promises a kind of instant gratification. It’s something your subscribers can instantly dig into and get value from.

From talking to hundreds of marketers in dozens of niches, a free PDF works best. Second is a free video.

The lead magnet should offer instant gratification. A bad lead magnet takes time to get value from, like a free video sequence that spans over 30 days. People want a specific result, now.

30 days to get a result, or 30 minutes to get a VERY specific result from a PDF/single video lead magnet.

Split test the lead magnet, test a PDF v.s. a video, and make it extremely specific solving one single problem your audience has. Tripling leads is easily the fastest way to triple sales.

Boosting your offer’s conversion rate isn’t as simple, but a few tweaks of your sales page can create results, fast. The headline, the copy, the offer, the buy buttons – split-test, tweak them and you can easily increase the conversion rate by 25%+.

2. Tripling Profit Per Sale

This is as easy as adding a couple of upsells to your offer. If you’re promoting/selling an offer that has 1 single offer on the front-end. Upsells are more offers that are instantly presented to a customer after they buy the first product.

Focus on adding at least 2 more upsells, at higher prices than the original offer. The upsells should always complement the front end offer. If you’re promoting an affiliate program, you can easily incentivize the upsells further by offering some kind of bonus for each upsell.

3. Tripling Repeat Buyers

Lastly, focus on tripling the rate of repeat buyers. If you’re only getting people to buy from you once, again – you have a gaping hole in your business leaking money.

Tripling the rate of repeat customers (customers who return and buy again & again) comes down to exposing your customers to other offers from you on a regular basis.

Creating a kind of ‘return path’ for your customers to keep coming back and seeing your sales messages. The idea behind this is to build a value-based return path where customers will get exposed to your other sales processes.

Like running a blog, creating content and sending it to your customer list, every day or week. Being consistent with it. Each time they visit the blog, they get value from your content and are exposed to your sales processes via the blog’s sidebar (banners etc).

Work on creating a value based return path, exposing your customers to more offers, consistently every week.

I want to challenge you to focus on these three things if you’ve ever struggled to expand your income. Forget about the best traffic generation strategy, traffic is never an issue.

The only problem an Internet business can have is an offer/sales funnel problem.

When you’re already getting leads, sales and customers – you have everything you need to exponentially grow your income, without generating more traffic.

Now focus on those three things; optimize each as much as possible and you may be surprised at how easily you find yourself experiencing those ‘quantum income leaps’.

Love ya,
David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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