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Creating An Avalanche Of Viral Traffic With “The Ego Effect”

Viral TrafficTraffic generation is an ever changing industry. With constant Google algorithm updates, Facebook hammering down on spammers and the whole social aspect of the Internet becoming immensely more important. Quite frankly, it scares the living day lights out of me! I’ve spent so much time engaging in link building activity that I forget about the future. As honestly, the future of the Internet has already begun. So I want to lay out a quick and simple strategy you can use to create an avalanche of raving social traffic using “The Ego Effect”. It goes like this:

  1. Create Top 50 List (To Feed Ego’s)
  2. Build Buzz Around Your List
  3. Launch & Promote List
  4. Contact Winners & Rake In Traffic

Ok, so this strategy is basically centered around creating a top 50 list in your niche. It could be a top 50 list of bloggers, products, companies, people or even websites. The choices really are endless. Why a list, what the heck is a list going to do?

Well the Internet is full of attention seekers. Everyone is shouting as loud as they can hoping people take notice. Webmasters, companies, friends dying for Facebook likes and email marketers begging you to open their emails… When people do get attention from someone, they love them. It works very well in the world of online marketing.

If you praise someone’s product or blog, the owner may well link to your list. For several reasons, but most of all because it’s social proof. It helps if you have an authority site/blog, but as long as yours looks professional it will do. So in conclusion of this terribly formed summary, you’re going to create a top 50 list of either products, people, blogs, bloggers or companies in your niche. Before you launch your list you’re going to create a little buzz through the help of social media and PR’s.

Then you’re going to launch your list, promote the crap out of it, inform the “winners” they’ve won and award them with a badge. You need to make the winners think they’ve been awarded with this amazing prize. Being in the top 50 of whatever category. In final conclusion, these lists work and can cause an avalanche of viral traffic, plus a shit ton of natural backlinks! Here’s a great example of a top 50 list gone viral:  http://www.evancarmichael.com/blog/2010/09/28/the-top-50-social-media-blogs-of-2010/

1. Create Top 50 List

First of all you need to create your list. As I said it can be a list of the top 50 bloggers, influential people, marketers, blogs, websites, companies, products or even services. The key is to find something very popular, but find your edge! Try and create a list that hasn’t been created before. The cool thing about lists is that they go more viral than anything else on the Internet.

Apart from videos of course, those things are just uncontrollable. What we’re doing with our list is feeding people’s egos in the hope that they reference our list on their site. The end gain is authority backlinks and a ton of viral traffic. Anyway, you need to list names, websites, photos and a quick bio of each winner. Here’s an example list taken from the above link:


Top 50 List

You need to create a list just like that for the top 50 whatever in your chosen category. Why 50? Well 50 has been proven to be the golden number when creating lists. Don’t ask me why, it just is. In your list, you need to feed the ego’s of your winners. It’s important that you don’t go too crazy and list super famous people. As if you list companies like Apple or giant bloggers, they might not take any notice and they definitely won’t link to or share your list. Also make sure you link to the websites of all of your winners. Once you’ve created your list, save it.

2. Build Buzz

Building buzz is an essential launch phase of every successful top 50 list. You build buzz by telling your subscribers, followers and friends about your upcoming list. On top of that, you write a press release. First, you need to setup a new page or blog post. On your page, you just need to say “Hey – I’m launching a list of the top 50 most… put your email in the form below and get an email sent to your inbox as soon as it’s live”.

Also ask visitors to name potential candidates in the comment section below. Of course you’ll need an autoresponder to do this, but who doesn’t have one of those? Once your announcement page is live, shout from the rooftops! Share the page on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and any other social networks you’re a part of. Email your list about it and tell them to drop a comment. After you’ve done that, you need to write a press release. Press releases work extremely well in these situations.

You have 2 options, go for the paid service or manually submit to the free sites. Honestly I’d go with this paid service for under $25, Webwire will distribute your press release to dozens of the most popular news websites including Google news and MSN. Or you can go with 1888pressrelease which is completely free. In your PR, you need to explain that you’re announcing the top 50 X in your niche. Finish it up by linking to the page you created with the opt in form.

3. Launch & Promote

Now after a couple of days after you’ve built buzz you can officially launch your top 50 list. As soon as you’ve published it, you need to write and distribute another press release informing the world you’ve crowned the top 50 X’s in your niche. If you want to get the most out of your list, write and distribute several PR’s. After that you need to dig deep into that whole social media thing. You want your list to go as viral as possible.

It all starts by you sharing your list on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure you email your subscribers and the guys who subscribed on the announcement page. When you’ve done that you need to bookmark your list. Social bookmarks provide instantaneous backlinks and can end up sending you a tsunami of traffic. Your top 50 list can easily go viral on sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. You can use Social Monkey to help automate the process.

4. Contact Winners

This part of the strategy is crucial to your list’s success. You need to contact every person/company you awarded a place on your list and tell them they’re on it. I’m sure by visiting their websites or blogs you’ll find a contact form or phone number somewhere. You just need to say “Hi, you’ve been listed in the top 50 X in niche X. Here is a link to the post, feel free to link to it for social proof”. It works much better when you give them some kind of badge. A badge that says “Voted #X In List X” that they can display on their site that links to the list.

That’s about it. The ego effect in 1000 words. Honestly, this strategy works like crazy and is responsible for A LOT of server crushing traffic. If you carry out the promotion properly then you can expect a flood of a few hundred to a few hundred thousand visitors in a matter of days.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Cool strategy ehh? Put your name and email in the form below to get more cutting edge viral traffic generation tips, tricks, strategies and secrets.

P.P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below.

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David, This article was superb! I'm going yo implement this strategy. Help me understand something: what are examples of these badges you speak of?

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

Hi Dave, Super cool strategy, yep ;) And creative too. Associates you with winners, boosting your credibility and building stronger trust. We know how important trust building is in this business. Thanks! Ryan Biddulph

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