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Christianity and Network Marketing-Is There a Heavenly Plan?

In 2001 I professed my faith that Jesus did in fact die for my sins and was resurrected on the third day and defeated death. God came to the earth in the flesh to show that there was one perfect person who in fact defeated death.

This got me thinking about similarities between the network marketing industry and Christianity minus the money of course.

Let’s look at some of the comparisons.

• Freedom: The bible refers to freedom in a couple of different ways. There is a spiritual freedom of the mind. In other words as a Christian I don’t need to be hung up on the does and don’t of legalistic doctrine. I’m free from thinking about which of his commandments I broke today. I know that I am forgiven and tomorrow is a new day anyway.

Freedom in network marketing means that you have built an income to a point that your mind is free to think about helping and serving others. You are free, from your own financial issues, and can completely concentrate of service.

• Serving others: If you are a follower of Christ then you should understand that we, you and me, are called to serve. In fact in Mathew 25:34-40 we are held accountable for our own actions when it comes to helping the widowed, the orphaned, the oppressed, the hungry, the tired and so forth. That’s what Christ did so that’s what we should be doing.

Serving others in the networking world can mean the same thing. Usually that service comes in the form of being mentored by your up line leader. Your up line leader has been there done that. With him or her mentoring you to success you have the obligation to do the same to your down line team. It’s a pay it forward system.

Usually that mentor-ship starts a personal relationship with that individual and since Christ is a relational person he also wants that from us. (Mathew 22:35-40)

• Commitment: Darren Hardy, Success Magazine Publisher, states so plainly. Commitment is working in your network marketing business when the initial excitement is long gone.

You are completely selling yourself out to what you said you were going to do the night you got your distributor kit.

Anybody that’s ever been in an emotion filled church knows that there is a divine like energy or Holy Spirit that you can certainly feel. It’s easy to get caught up and make a decision then and there to get baptized. But once that person gets baptized have they made a true commitment to share Jesus Christ?

When you get baptized, in a scenario like that, it’s easy to not feel the same way shortly after. A true commitment would be that person working on his relationship with God and wanting to know who this God really is. That action would be just as strong 5 years from now as it is right now.

• Personal Development: In network marketing this means that you are reading success material, watching success type videos, and listening to a Cd by Jim Rohn or some other personal development coach.

Development in Christianity means that you are spending time in prayer, reading the word of God and worshiping God. If we are doing those things, as a Christian community, then we can develop a heart and mind like Christ.

Endurance:  In both the network marketing world and Christian life you will need to endure. The dictionary describes endurance as bearing pain, hardships and sacrifices. When you endure in network marketing you are sticking it out till you get the big payday. Many will drop out before they see the results.

Enduring in the Christian world, means that you will follow Christ to the end. Your big payoff is awaiting you. Don’t quit early. Endure for the rewards. Mathew 25:23

Here’s to your crazy success

Dave Nicodemus             P.S. Be others oriented





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