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Out of the crazy house. (but still nuts)

Lol. I thought that was a great title.  Boy do I have some hilarious stories… …more on that later. I actually came out a week ago, and I’m going to be a bit out of touch still for a few days here while I finish finding and moving into… Read more

Jonathan Budd and I Get Naked, and Step Into The Future… (Exclusive Video)

Lol. I know I make fun of Gurus all the time (mostly, they’re a bunch of dork bags) but there’s a few out there who I think are badass, Jonathan being one of them.  (I also like Mark Hoverson, Eric Worre, and a few others quite a… Read more

A Glorious Video That Talks About Nothing…

Lol. My Brother Aki came down to visit from Alaska, and we made this awesome video that talks about… …well, nothing. Enjoy: * Disclaimer:  Wussies, hypocrites, whiners and ‘Soup Nazis’ may be extraordinarily offended, and should… Read more

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

This is the most inspirational video I’ve seen online since the WaySeer Manifesto,  and I think it’s like 40 years old or something.  Anyways, a big thanks to Charlie Chaplain and whoever put this particular mix together – this is more relevant… Read more

Richard Branson is my new business hero (video)

This video is awesome on more levels than just one.  For a long time, my favorite business hero has been Dexter Yager (inventor of the originall network marketing systems, and really – still the highest paid network marketer in the world) – well… Read more

Is the Network Marketing Industry just a bunch of Hype?

This question may be on your mind if you are on the outside looking at the Network Marketing Industry as a financial vehicle. Let me first say that many individuals who are in Network Marketing still don’t understand that the HYPE for the most… Read more

Can you help me give you some money? Read this

Yes, you read the title right. Can you help me give you some money? If so, read this brief post and help the next person by giving them some money. :) Let me explain.. I was on a POWERFUL call Monday night and the theme was about UNITY,… Read more

The Love of Money IS the Root of All Evil

“The Love of Money IS the Root of All Evil” I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time now. As there seems to be a controversy about the meaning and validity of this truth found in the Holy Bible. One of the reasons I’ve been… Read more

Three Decades of Looking and I Found IT

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs, Bob Anderson here….It’s been a very long journey to get here, three decades of looking and living and I’m here to tell you that I have found it! Let me start from the beginning, but I will give you the shortened… Read more

What prompted me… to make money on Facebook

I would like to take today to explain a little more about what prompted me to become a part of David Woods team to make money on Facebook.  Why I choose Numis Network. And where my dreams are taking me. Those, that are close to me know… that… Read more

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