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Become an Alpha Networker

Hellooooooooooo fellow Alpha Networkers! Thanks for being a badass and checking out yet another one of my sweet awesome posts! Today I’m going to show you how to become an alpha networker… Well maybe YOU don’t need this info because You’re a Rockstar but, maybe you know someone who does need it, if that’s the case then feel free to just sit back and check off your list of awesomeness… Add badass valueCheck!   Super focusedCheck!    One with the universeDouble Check! LOL!

Hangout With Other Alpha Networkers

Alrighty, here we go… I think it’s important to start with a simple fact I mentioned in my last article, which goes like this “90% of this business is mental and 10% of it is execution.” If you can wrap your mind around that one concept and actually practice it then you’re already light years ahead of most people. Yeah I know. The mental hurdles can be the hardest ones to overcome. One of the easiest ways overcome these mental roadblocks is to find people in your life who are Alphas and start emulating them. Simple right? The really cool thing is that these days it’s really easy to follow and emulate alpha leaders, heck you can find most of them on Facebook! All you really have to remember is that when you get around the right people you’ll naturally start to adopt the qualities they share.

Now you’re probably asking yourself what do these alpha networker qualities and ideals look like? Don’t worry, I gotcha covered. Here’s a huge list of awesome concepts and characteristics you’ll want to practice and mirror in order to become an alpha networker…

Abundance is Key

Numero Uno is having an abundance mentality! This is a CORE concept for success! Alphas never come from a frame of need. When you come from a position of “need” you automatically give your power to someone else. Remember, you don’t need to sponsor people, you don’t need people to join you and if you think you do then you should listen to the story of how Sylvester Stallone got started with the movie Rocky. Coming from an abundance frame of mind will Crush any feelings of need.

Haters Hate Alpha Networkers… Let’emhaterpic

Don’t be concerned with criticism. What you have to understand is that when you step into your power you will encounter idiots… These people usually don’t have anything better to do but sit in their basement and hate on people who kick major ass. Personally I feel sorry for these people because when I come across these people I don’t see a critic, I see a person shackled by their own lack and negativity. Here’s the good news, if you don’t have haters yet then you need to get more exposure… It’s part of the game so don’t sweat it.

Get in the Drivers Seat Man! (or woman)

Alphas dictate the terms. Now I’m not talking about being rude or mean to other people I’m simply saying that as an alpha networker you need to have posture and you need to be assertive. As an alpha you need to take control, and if people want to interact with you it should be on your terms not theirs.

Cool Video Breakdown About How to Become an Alpha Networker

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Alpha Networkers Draw a Line…

Just say NO! Alphas are people who know how to say no. Steve Jobs once said, “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying NO to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.” Not only does the ability to say no keep alphas focused but it also helps them protect their most valuable resource… Time. If you want to become an alpha leader you have to get comfortable with the idea of telling people no and if that doesn’t work just tell them, “Not today.”

Tell’em What to Do!

Give instructions. This one’s pretty self-explanatory but just like the team captain or the head coach you have to give people instructions and direction.

This is a Give and Take Deal

Be a servant and a protector to the people who follow you. As an alpha leader one of your main goals should be to uplift and improve the lives of those around you.

Alphas respect themselves and their body.

Risk Doesn’t Exist?

There is no risk just results. This is one of those times where having an alpha mindset of abundance will come in handy. Alphas are always doing things that may seem risky to other people but, when your thoughts come from a place of abundance it’s easy to realize that there really is no such thing as risk… “The truth is that there is no spoon, and once you realize that you’ll find that it’s not the spoon that bends but it is yourself that bends.” –Kid from the Matrix-

Like anyone alphas like to have fun. Just because you’re an alpha networker that doesn’t mean that you have to be a stick in the mud! On the contrary, alphas are confident, outgoing, fun, socially powerful, and secure in themselves.

Double O Alpha

Alphas have a strong physical presence. Alpha males tend to be relaxed, take up space with their shoulders, and they always hold eye contact (think 007). Alpha females sit up straight, hold eye contact and move with poise and purpose.

Speak Up!

Alpha leaders have a strong confident voice and control the conversation. As an alpha you tend to speak with a relaxed authority and you aren’t afraid to interrupt the other person.

O.K. now that we’ve got that out of the way I want to share the ultimate secret to becoming an alpha networker.


Alphas are valuable people and as an alpha networker the more valuable you become to others the more they’ll seek you out and as you increase your value you’ll automatically become more attractive and more magnetic. If you’re not sure how to be valuable to others or if you’re offering the right kind of value just ask yourself this question. How do I PERSONALLY bring value to my leads and prospects? Adding value may seem like a daunting task but just remember that you only have to know a little bit more than the person you’re teaching.

Well my alpha networker jedi ninja rockstar friend that’s all for today! If you want to team up with me just write a comment, find me on Facebook or Click Here, sign up and Make some Money!

I’m out!


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This post is Awesome Dude! ;) Thanks! I wrote it myself LOL! 

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