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Avoiding Burnout By Celebrating The Small Stuff

I just thought that was an appropriate title for an important post, going into the new year.

Whether you created the exact results that you wanted this year or not – it doesn’t matter.

People are generally over optimistic in the short term, but pessimistic about what they can accomplish over a long period of time with consistent effort. Now maybe you didn’t hit all your goals this year, maybe you felt like giving up at some point.

But as you feel that feeling, deep inside; you can now realize it’s a good thing. That feeling means you’re getting closer. Closer to the threshold. Where you break through and start experiencing kind of ‘quantum leaps’ in your business.

Going back a couple of years, I used to talk to a lot of people on the phone. That’s how I’d close a lot of sales, I’d get people on the phone, ask them some questions and help them create a ‘game plan’ for success.

What’s fascinating, is how 99% of people I talked to gave the same B.S. answers to my questions. One question in particular, was always interesting to ask.

How long are you willing to work, until you hit your income goal?

People generally wanted to earn around $10,000/month, which was always more money than they’d ever made in the past. On average, they’d tell me around 6 months.

If they weren’t earning $10,000/month within 6 months, they’d give up. The phone goes quiet, an awkward silence emerges and I ask “how long have you been working your job”. The average answer was between 10 & 20 years.

10 or 20 years working at the same job earning something like $3000/month. By this time they’re feeling kind of stupid, so I tell them…

Why aren’t you willing to take this as seriously as your job?

The point is, setting unrealistic expectations is the fastest way to get burnt out in any business. Now I don’t believe $10,000/month is a bad goal for most people, but you need to celebrate the little stuff that comes before hitting your end financial goal.

If you made a decision to make $10,000/month within 60 days of starting something and only hit $1000, congratulations. 90% of the time after these calls, the people would carry on working past 6 months.

Not because they were earning close to their goal (although many did), instead it was because they making progress. They celebrated the small stuff. Building a site, generating leads, making their first sale.

There’s a kind of threshold in online/Network Marketing. The threshold is different from person to person, but once you pass it; you never give up. Maybe you’re passed that threshold now, or maybe you’re going to pass it this month.

The threshold doesn’t have to be a monetary figure, it can be a level of traffic, leads or sales in your business.

Avoiding Burnout By Setting Small Goals

It’s never a good idea to have one single goal of making X amount of money, the money is just the end result. A kind of by-product of all your other successes. Traffic generation, blogging, email marketing, making your first sale, your 10th sale.

They’re all accomplishments that need to be celebrated. I want to challenge you to set smaller goals, and focus on them one at a time. Starting with the end financial goal in mind is an easy way to get burnt out, because you’re not acknowledging the progress that comes before.

I want you to start with why (as explained in this post), and set smaller goals. Create a short term, medium and long term focus. Decide how much you want to earn and why, because your reason why is more important than knowing what or how.

Based on your income goal, set goals for how much traffic you need to create, how many leads you need to generate and how many sales you want to make per day.

Construct your income, watch this video for a detailed explanation.

Remember at all times your financial goal is the end result. It’s the last outcome of the process.

Love ya,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below.

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The Corporate Blog at Empower Network – by far the most badass videos you’ve ever seen, come out every night.

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