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An Expert TribePro Review

TribePro ReviewOk, so this is going to be my honest review of the innovative TribePro which recently exploded into the online marketplace. I generally don’t do reviews but, since I’ve been having a phenomenal amount of success with TribePro, I just had to. Seriously, the stuff I’ve been able to accomplish with TribePro is insane! (in terms of traffic & lead generation, crazy results)

Just a quick word on the whole social media thing and why I think TribePro is such an essential tool for online marketers… Social media is huge! In fact, it’s bigger than ever right now. And… TribePro is like social media on steroids. It will allow you to build social buzz around your online brand, business opportunity and or product. And.. everyone knows that if you’re not building your business online, you’re leaving money on the table. It’s as simple as that…

So What Exactly Is TribePro?

Well, in a nutshell TribePro is an online content syndication network. It allows you to gain crazy amounts of traffic and backlinks for your website. It’s actually a pretty complex system to explain in one sentence or even an entire article. The whole concept behind TribePro is to help marketers generate traffic, build social buzz and rank well in the search engines.

TribePro AccountsIt does this through social content syndication. Basically, TribePro gets your content shared on a whole bunch of social websites. Bookmarking sites, social networking sites and so on. You can view the list of sites on the left. When you join TribePro, you are able to join “tribes” or you can even start your own. When you join a tribe, you can share other tribe member’s content or submit your own. TribePro uses a simple points system. In order to have your content shared, you need to accumulate either 10 or 15 TribePro points. (depending on your membership level)

How do you gain the points? By sharing other member’s content. You simply select the content you wish to share and where you want to share it. From there you share the content and receive points for doing so. After a few shares, you can submit your own piece of content into a tribe for syndication.

What’s the result? Massive exposure, backlinks and insane amounts of targeted traffic. Seems pretty simple right? Share some people’s content and have them do the same. Well, it is simple. In reality, there is nothing “ground breaking” about what TribePro does. However, there’s a lot more to TribePro than what you think.

Unlike most content syndication networks, TribePro can be completely automated! With the help of Onlywire, you can setup TribePro to syndicate other tribe member’s content on complete autopilot! This is where TribePro gets a little crazy…

There is a small catch, whenever you automatically share member’s content through the use of Onlywire, it costs a little money… But seriously guys, it’s really little money, im talking pennies. So once you connect your Onlywire account, you’ll have the option to “auto syndicate” other member’s content. What this does is automatically syndicate a certain member’s content every time he or she submits something into a tribe.

What the heck is a tribe? Well, the tribes look like WordPress websites. They are really simple little sites, you can checkout my tribe below:

As you can see, the tribes are very simple. You can see today’s top posts and you can see the astronomical amounts of shares they get! Think about all that exposure and all those juicy backlinks! I may as well show you the content page to better your understanding of the whole TribePro concept. Check it out:

TribePro Content Page

On the content page of tribes, hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of content are submitted for syndication. Once submitted, they appear on the page like the one above. As you can see, you have the option to share the content on Twitter, Facebook or any of the other sites. You can also see that I’ve already shared this piece of content. Did I know that? Nope, but thanks to the auto syndication feature, I did.

The aim of the game is to build up a group of auto syndication partners. Meaning you automatically syndicate someone’s content and they do the same for you. The system works extremely well and is responsible for a lot of my “extra” traffic.

Is there anything else to TribePro? Yep! Now this is really exciting. I had no idea that this feature even existed when I joined TribePro. I just heard auto content syndication and jumped aboard. Tribes can be automatically fed content! Hehe… powerful stuff, I know!

I’m guessing most people reading this will be like, what the heck is this guy talking about? Well, exactly what I just said. You can auto submit content into tribes. Remember that you can automatically share people’s content in order to accumulate points? Well, the whole point of getting points is to submit your content into tribes. From there, other tribe members will syndicate your content across an array of social websites resulting in massive exposure for your business.

So… imagine if you could automatically feed your content into tribes on a large scale. And… every time a piece of content gets submitted, it’s then shared hundreds of times! With a little common sense, you should be able to see how this auto rss submission feature is huge! So, TribePro have incorporated auto content submissions via rss feeds. All you do is provide TribePro with an rss feed, select which tribes you want your content to be submitted to and that’s it.

Think about this

You can have content syndicated from any rss feed. Like your blog rss feed, article directory rss feeds and so on. The cool thing is you can have your backlinks automatically syndicated without any human intervention. We all know that backlinks make the web go round. (if that makes sense) LOL

We should also know that if you build backlinks to your backlinks, they boost your backlink’s power. So, if you’re using software to automatically post content to a bunch of websites that have rss feeds. You can submit the feeds into a whole bunch of tribes for massive auto syndication. Let me give you a better example…

RSS Feeds Auto Feeding Tribes > Tribe Members Syndicating Your Content > Massive Amounts Of Traffic And Backlinks For All Your Content On Complete AutoPilot!

Ok ok, you get the picture right? TribePro can drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your websites. It can even do this on complete autopilot. And… it can automatically syndicate content from rss feeds which is an amazing feature. (if you think about it) So let me talk about the membership levels…

TribePro Membership Levels

TribePro Free Membership:

Yep, there is a completely free account. In all honesty, the free account is very limiting. With that being said, you can still join a tribe, then share and submit content for syndication. Some limiting factors… As a free member you need 15 points to submit a piece of your own content. Every time you share another member’s content, you accumulate 1 point. The free membership is ok, great for getting a feel for the system.

TribePro Plus Membership:

This membership is definitely the most popular among paid members. With the TribePro plus membership, you of course get all the free membership perks and a whole lot more! For starters, you only need 10 share points before you can submit a piece of content for syndication. Next you’re able to auto syndicate other member’s content. This feature is huge! It means you’re able to automatically share other member’s content resulting in massive amounts of TribePro points. Lastly, the other main aspect is the auto submit feature. Again, this feature is huge! It allows you to automatically submit content from rss feeds. Meaning you can submit your content from your blog, Youtube or even article directory accounts. These two features have completely revolutionized the content syndication industry.

TribePro Pro Membership

If you’re really interested in TribePro and what it can do for your business, you’ll probably want to jump in at the pro membership level. Of course, the pro’s get all of the plus and free benefits along with a few others. First of all, when you’re a pro member you’re able to start your own tribe. If you’re serious about building a following and your online identity, your own tribe is the way to go. On top of all that, you’re able to do a whole bunch of other cool stuff I won’t mention. Simply because you should already be convinced that investing in TribePro will be great for your business.


Well, I hope you’re able to draw your own conclusion from my review. However, if you want my “end opinion”, here it is. I honestly believe that TribePro is going to be huge! I’m talking one of the most used Internet Marketing tools ever. Well maybe that’s a long shot but, at least it’ll probable be the most used content syndication system. The point is that TribePro is very unique. It allows you to build an online presence. It allows you to build a crazy amount of backlinks and on top of all, it enables you to drive insane amounts of traffic to your websites. And… that is why TribePro is so powerful. It allows you to leverage social media and technology to build your online business on complete autopilot!

In Prosperity,
David Wood

PS. If you truly want to learn the secrets of generating crazy amounts of traffic and building your business online, opt in to my list at the top right of this page.

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I've been looking at Tribe Pro for the last few weeks and this is the best write up I've seen for them. I can see the power and the traffic that is possible with this. And I like the idea of automating this. Thanks a bunch David!

Giovanni Esposito
Giovanni Esposito

As one of the syndicators in your Top Posts screenshot, I can wholeheartedly endorse what David is saying about TrbePro's benefits. If I wasn't already in the system I'd be taking David Wood up on his offer of joining his list He is a great great guy to partner with and if you are serous about your success, he will not let you down.

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