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Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies (Part Two)


This is part two of “Advanced High Page Rank Domain Strategies“, click the link to go back to part one.

I’ve personally use all 3 strategies as they all work extremely well.

1. Setup Domain As Old Site

This is one strategy I use very occasionally. Some SEO’s say buying expired domains is useless, as the PR goes down on the next update. That’s crap, as if the link profile is strong the domain shouldn’t lose any PR. However they can lose PR, and this is a way of ensuring they don’t get wiped of their PR because a new owner acquired the domain.

Use http://archive.org/web/web.php to find the last version of the site that existed, then re-build it on WordPress. Publish the same content and pages. Then simply link to your site using a “Sponsored by” footer link.

It’s an extremely basic way of setting up high PR domains, but it works. Essentially what you’re doing is re-building the previous site that acquired the Page Rank. By doing this, you’ll minimize any PR loss. Sometimes sites that link to high PR domains, if they visit the domain out of the blue to see its expired or been replaced; they’ll remove their link to it on their site.

Therefore the domain will lose PR from the links people take down. This rarely happens, but you can stop it by using this strategy. In the footer of the site put a “Sponsored by ANCHOR TEXT HERE” link.

2. Setup Domain As Relevant Site

This is the most common strategy and it has the biggest impact on rankings. Simply build a 1 page relevant site. Write a long relevant article, within it link to your site using the exact keyword you want to rank for as anchor text. Use the highest competition keywords you are targeting.


Buy the high PR domain, setup WordPress, install the basic plugins & theme, for the Title Tag simply create something relevant to your site. If you’ve got a dog training site and want to use the domain to target “how to train a dog” title the site “How To Train A Dog | Dog Training”, write a relevant description and add a few meta keywords (they aren’t that important).

Next write your short piece of relevant content, an article about dog training with a contextual link pointing to your site. Publish the post and “stick” it to the home page of the site. This strategy gets the fastest results. It follows the magic formula for ranking “high PR + relevance” and it works every time.

A few of these sites setup on PR5 domains are usually enough to rank page 1 for countless keywords.

3. Setup Domain For Blog Network

As we all know, blog networks kicked serious ass for a long time. They still do, but they carry a certain risk factor. In 2011 Google set out to destroy public blog networks, and they did exactly that. They infiltrated, blacklisted and penalized all the users of most of the top public blog networks.

Blog networks were simply large networks of high PR domains that hundreds or even thousands of users were posting to. The reason they’re unsafe is the high PR domains are linking out to thousands of sites and accepting badly written content or even automatically spun content.

So you had hundreds of near identical sites with similar variations of a single piece of content linking to the same site.

Although they worked for a long time, they were an easy target for Google to eradicate, so they did. However, if you buy your own domains and host them separately, there is minimal risk of being found. Google wants to target the 500+ domain networks that are being used by thousands of SEOs – they don’t manually go after small 50+ site networks.

They also have no way of finding your network automatically. So the third option is to setup the domains for your own private blog network. You setup the domains the same way you setup the others in strategy 1 & 2, but title them something a little more niche generic.

The difference with setting up high PR domains for a blog network is that you can post to them as much as you want. Whenever you want to promote a URL, simply write a short or long 300+ word unique blog post linking to the URL, and publish it on the domain as a blog post.

Make sure you set blog posts to display on the home page. It really is that simple. If you want to promote 1 main URL or keyword, you can create a short 200+ word post linking to it, publish it and set it to “stick to homepage” within the WordPress publishing panel options.

With the “stick to homepage” setting found in the publishing tab, the post will forever remain at the top of the home page, and all other posts you publish will display below it.

Ultimately, every SEO should incorporate this strategy into their overall SEO campaign. Buying high PR domains and setting them up in 1 of the 3 ways outlined above; will drive insane link juice straight to your site and force its rankings to jump near instantly.

Always, always use your highest competition keywords as anchor text with high PR domains. You can diversify your anchor text profile with cheaper links, to keep your anchor text ratios natural.

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Setting Domain...makes the different in Page Ranking.... I got it; so I need to have multiple Domains to spread my blogs syndication...to protect against any zoo creatures' attack in the near future!

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