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8 “Under Your Nose” Ways To Generate More Website Traffic

Whether you’re building a blog, website or any other online property, you could always do with more traffic. More traffic means more subscribers, repeat visitors, referrals, popularity and ultimately sales.

You really can’t have enough traffic unless you’re running a client based business. Over the past few years I’ve been studying every piece of information out there written about attracting visitors, building audiences and successful online businesses.

I can honestly say that I’m an Internet Marketing expert and know more about online marketing than anything else. Saying that, in the beginning I was absolutely clueless. I was hopeless really.

I struggled to attract more than 10 visitors to any content I published and I nearly reached the point of defeat several times.

Thankfully I made it through, learnt the secrets of traffic generation and am now able to share them with the world. So here are just 8 ways to generate more website traffic:

1. Write Epic Content

Write seriously epic content. This is the first step to generating more website traffic. If your content isn’t epic, visitors won’t bother return to your site and they definitely won’t subscribe to your feed or email list.

How do you write epic content? Simple, make it more interesting, unique and humerous than the content of your competitors. People love funnily unique interesting content. Be real with your visitors, write from your own mind and share your own opinions; not everyone elses.

2. Give Your Site A Makeover

I know a lot of bloggers and writers say that web design really isn’t all that important. The truth is they’re talking out of their a-holes (pun intended).

Design is inexplicably important. In fact, design is everything to new visitors. First impressions really do mean everything and building a successful website means creating a great first impression. There are only two sides to creating a first impression, having an attractive design and writing interesting content.

It’s hard enough to get new people onto your website, and if your design sucks new visitors will leave before getting a chance to fall in love with your epic content.

If you’re just starting out then it’s ok to buy a $50-$100 WordPress theme. But later on down the road you should always hire a website designer to create an epic design to go along with your epic content.

3. Find Where Your Audience Hang Out And Bring Them To Your Site

This is really the second best way to build a website or blog community. Find out where your target audience hang out. You can do this by spying on other popular sites in your niche that you know of by using quant cast or another online service.

Make a list of the top 10 sites where your audience hang out and start using them. These sites could be forums, blogs, sites or even social networks. Setup accounts/profiles on these sites and start being active within the communities. If you find your audience are hanging out on blogs, start posting comments on their posts and participate in any discussions.

The idea is to find out where your audience hang out, be active on the sites/blogs/forums/networks and drive the audience straight home to your site. Effectively you’re stealing your competition’s traffic.

4. News Jack

This is one of the most powerful and effective ways of generating more website traffic. Whenever something big happens in your site niche; talk about it! Write epic content about industry news as it happens voicing your expert opinion.

Immediately after “jacking news”, get it out there, shout it from the roof tops and share it. The most popular website or blog content is always news based.

5. Be Everywhere At All Times

This is a strategy used for big movie launches or for “creating celebrities”. They be everywhere at all times. You wonder why the whole world starts talking about someone or something at the same time? It’s because it or he or she is everywhere. The more times people see something i.e. your website or product; the more curious they become to find out what it’s all about.

Then when they find out, they start talking about it, they tell their friends, communities form, fans emerge, hype grows and sales sky rocket!

6. Do The Oposite Of Everyone Else

This is sort of like the “peacock theory”. Standing out from the crowd by talking about stuff nobody else is or will. Never be afraid to express your true opinions, even if you believe your readers will disagree with you.

If every blog in your niche is talking about some event, talk about a different event and shout it from the roof tops. If every other blog in a niche is talking about the same thing apart from yours; where do you think the readers are going to go?

7. Use Video

Video marketing has exploded in recent years. Text just isn’t as appealing anymore; people want to watch videos. Video is easier to understand and to take in than big blocks of text.

Video is more attractive than any other medium of communication. I know that whenever I publish a video, people stay on my site for twice as much time as they do when I publish an article. Videos sell, entertain, inform and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool traffic generation tips, tricks and secrets.

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