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7 Powerfully Unique Ways To Generate More Traffic

how to generate more traffic

After studying online marketing for a few years; I experienced a dramatic realization.

Well, sort of…

The realization that traffic generation is ridiculously simple. I realized how the greater majority of Internet Marketers overplay how difficult it is to generate traffic.

It’s part of their ingenious plan to keep newbie Internet Marketers newbies. By making it appear complex, they make you believe it’s difficult and therefore your brain starts to believe it and you struggle.

So dismiss any beliefs you have about traffic generation being difficult. It really isn’t; it’s just a science that can’t fail if you follow the rules. Here are 7 powerfully unique ways to generate more traffic:

1. Tweak Your Design

The first and most instantly gratifying strategy is to tweak your design. Design matters, anyone who tells you otherwise is missing out on a lot of traffic. The longer people remain on your website; the more likely they are to share your content, return, refer others or subscribe to your email list.

In other words; the longer avg. time per visit spent on your site; the more traffic you’ll generate. And… One of the key metrics for keeping people on your site is design. The better your design, the more attractive your site and the more likely visitors will stick around to read your content.

2. Write Some Killer Content

Once you have people sticking around, give them with a reason to stay. Write timeless EPIC content. You can write ultimate guides to X, big lists or even publish interviews. Whatever applies most to your site, write timeless content that you can showcase to new visitors.

The better your content, the more readers will subscribe. Need I say more?

3. Create A Free Product

Creating a free info-product is one of the more complex ways to drive traffic. By creating a free product and offering it to visitors; you’ll build an email list, encourage repeat visitors, build rapport with readers and gain referral traffic.

4. Run Ads

Obviously the most guaranteed way to generate traffic is to pay for it. Facebook ads, Bing ads, PPC, banner ads and more. If you’re trying to drive traffic to a paid offer or service; it’s the best way to go without a doubt.

But what I find funny is that nobody is telling bloggers to use paid traffic to build their audience. Since you can’t really a put a price tag on each blog subscriber; bloggers are afraid of running paid ads.

However, if you drive paid traffic to your free product and ask them to subscribe to your blog + follow you on Facebook in order to download it; you’ll build an incredibly loyal and trusting audience.

5. Run Competitions

Running competitions is one of the more creative and unique ways of generating more traffic; but shit it works well. I’ve done some crazy numbers with competitions; giving away as little as 10 copies of a product of mine.

While running competitions is one of the easier ways of boosting traffic, it requires an audience. It’s also easiest to do when you have an actual product to give away.

It’s simple. Pick one of your products or if you don’t have one; use someone else’s. I’ve even seen people run competitions successfully giving away a few books. Once you have something to give away, setup a competition on Punch Tab. Punch Tab allows you to quickly run competitions for just about anything.

You send it out or write a blog post about the competition, your readers, visitors and subscribers enter and you draw random entries at the end to give the free product/s to. (You control all the metrics like number of products to give away and days to run the competition for)

Where’s the traffic coming from? That’s the interesting part. In order to enter the competition; people have to like your page on Facebook, Tweet it and share it on Google Plus. Basically every time someone enters your competition; they share it with all their friends resulting in lots of traffic.

Within Punch Tab you can control where the traffic gets sent to; powerful stuff.

6. Steal Traffic From Blogs

Stealing traffic from blogs is one the fastest ways of building a real community, a list of subscribers and driving traffic. You can steal traffic by commenting and guest posting on other blogs in your niche.

7. Review A Product

Reviewing products is a sure-fire way of generating long term traffic and making affiliate commissions. Whenever I go to buy something online, the first thing I do is search for reviews. Try make it a monthly thing to review a product in your niche.

Don’t think you’ll get harassed by your readers if your start pitching products; many of them are desperate for honest product reviews, for stuff that works.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more traffic generation tips, tricks and secrets.

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Aaron Kramer
Aaron Kramer

Kramer approves. Good to see you are using livefyre here too ;)


Nice post.  Thanks for the tip about PunchTab.  The only thing I wonder about is how effective are contests at bringing in people who are really interested in your service?  Sure, most people will sign up for something free or a chance to win, but do they stick around after the contest is over?  

Sue Tamani
Sue Tamani

Hi David


Another post full of great simple ideas and easy examples for anyone to follow! Thanks.


I found this post when I was checking on my Tribepro account and saw you syndicating it there.


I don't know when you or someone last checked, but I would love to auto-syndicate you, just as soon as you turn on yours! LOL

You are showing as a PRO but auto-syndicating to no locations. You better sack someone, mate!


Best Regards



Doing product reviews seem to work really well and can be an effective way to "presell" your visitors before sending them to a sales page with an option to buy. 


I haven't ran paid ads before but it seems like it would a better way to find those "buyers keywords"  that everybody's talking about all the time.

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