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6 Steps To Publishing Your Blog Posts

Publishing Blog Posts

Ninety nine percent of the blog posts I read have several flaws. Sometime their titles aren’t compelling enough. Other times their introductions bore me to death. And a lot of the time they have ridiculous spelling mistakes.

It doesn’t matter how small the flaws are, they ultimately make your writing look amateurish.

…And amateur writing makes you look sloppy or even worse; foolish. How can you expect people to follow you, join your email list or ever buy your products if you can’t even spell correctly?

A lot of bloggers out there don’t believe in editing. Heck, a lot of writers don’t believe in editing. The truth is without editing your writing properly; you’re going to look like a moron. Your content is going to be flawed and it’ll be sub-par to say the least.

Common spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and bad writing in general really kills your chances of success. So I decided to compile a list of 5 simple blog post editing steps you can take to make your content flawless! Make sure you run through these steps every time you’ve written a full blog post:

1. Edit Title And Introduction

This is the first thing you should do immediately after writing a new blog post. Edit the title and the introduction. Initially your title should be intriguing. It should reel in visitors and attract their attention. That’s all your title should do. Strike up some curiosity, intrigue and grab attention. Three ways to write compelling titles:

  • Use Numbers
  • Use Words Like “ways to” or “how to”
  • Pack In Hypnotic Words Like “secrets” and “shocking” or “powerful”

First impressions are so important. If the beginning of your blog post sucks, people aren’t going to want to read the rest. You should attempt to write a first sentence that engages visitors and grips them to your content. Introductions should essentially hook readers.

They should “lock them in” and peak curiosity forcing them subconsciously to read your entire post.

2. Check Spelling And Grammar

Spelling and grammar are crucial components of good content. If you mess up with spelling and grammar, you’re doomed. You’ll have a big “asshole” written across your forehead.

Nothing looks worse than somebody who can’t spell properly. Granted, most people won’t notice a few spelling mistakes of complex words. But fail to spell the most common words and you’ll look like an idiot.

If you’re writing a short blog post or something that’s not really important; it’s ok to skimp a little on the grammar.

However, always look for four common mistakes in your content:

  1. Typos And Misspellings
  2. Bad Sentences – Usually too long or too short.
  3. Bad Pargraphs – Too long or short.
  4. Missing Words – We have a weird way of missing words. When we’re thinking of a sentence too quickly in our heads, we tend to miss what we were previously thinking seconds before..

3. Clear Point

Most importantly, your content needs to have one clear point or message. All content should serve a specific purpose. Most bloggers tend to write down everything that comes to mind.

If you just start writing down everything that comes to mind, you’ll end up with a load of unstructured jibajabba. Make sure your blog posts convey a clear message; period.

4. Structure

Structure is essential to any good piece of content. Without structure, all you have is a bunch of paragraphs and sentences. You need to properly structure your blog posts before and after you write them. Before you begin writing, you need to write a basic plan of what your blog post is going to contain.

You should write down the main point of the post, its title, a brief introduction and then a headline for each few paragraphs. Structuring your blog posts before you write them will allow you to quickly and easily fill in the gaps creating excellent content along the way.

I used to not believe in plans, solely because I thought they limited creativity. If you know what you’re going to write about you can’t be that creative right? (wrong)

…Ultimately they make writing a whole lot easier and limit the number of “tangents” you go off on when simply writing whatever comes to mind. Once you’ve written a post even with a pre-structure, you’ll probably need to re-structure it.

5. Finishing Touches

Right before hitting the “Publish” button you need to add the finishing touches.

They are:

  • Bullet Points – Bullet point lists make your blog posts easier to read and more attractive.
  • Images – Images just make your content a whole lot more fun, attractive and Google loves them.
  • Videos – If you think a video could integrate nicely with your written words, add one. Videos are powerful and they explode avg. time spent on your blog.
  • Headings  - I’m not a huge fan of headings, but it’s a good idea to add a few headings to your blog posts. Headings should act as sub titles for your blog content. They also make reading and scanning your content easier for visitors.

Besides the above, you can bold a few words to make them stand out. You can center, align and format your content in other ways to make certain parts stand out. But above everything else, your blog content needs to be exceptional…

Because if your content sucks, no formatting, structure or spelling mistakes will even matter. You’ll struggle to get people to read past the first few sentences!

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more cool blogging tips, tricks and secrets!

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I got very paranoid when you linked my blog. I wasn't sure if you wanted to use my "common mistakes", because it's a fight to keep my posts error free. I'd like to blame the chemo...what the heck! I will blame it! Thanks for the mention. And I learned from your post that there are a lot of things I could be doing. I just had my first day passing 800 visitors per day and was so stoked. My if I employed your method I could get a few more! Kudos.


It's all about good content. In my opinion, you must put yourself in your reader's perspective. Why should they spend their valuable time reading your post? What is the reward? You have to convey that message and actually teach them something useful or entertain them. Actually, if you can do both then you have a good chance of your readers coming back for more! Great info on this blog and this post, thank you for sharing.

Guillaume Clary
Guillaume Clary

Hi David, thank you for you recommendations. I'm french, my english is not perfect, should I post on my Empower blog in english, french, or both? Is it good for traffic to post in 2 languages? Thanks for your advice. Guillaume.

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