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6 Little Known Steps To SEO Success (Part Two)

(This is part two of 6 Little Known Steps To SEO Success, click the link for part one.)

SEO SuccessAt this stage your site should be ready for traffic, your Google Plus Authorship should be claimed and you should have begun to form your social presence by creating social profiles on the biggest social networks.

Here are a couple of extra steps you can take to improve your social presence:

a) Setup Facebook Vanity URL (Setting up a vanity URL is essentially choosing your FB page URL instead of it being a random string of letters and numbers – Google it)
b) Create and upload a video to your Youtube channel (put link to your site in description)
c) Add all of your accounts to LinksAlpha.com for syndication.

4. Step Four: Fiverr Gigs

Once you’ve fully completed your social profile setup; it’s time to make your site popular. First things first; unleash your website to the search engines, launch! (Change your privacy settings to allow search engines to index your site)

Fiverr is a great way to quickly get little SEO tasks done. I don’t advise anyone basing their entire SEO strategy on Fiverr gigs alone; that would be foolish.

Fiverr is useful for getting small jobs done quickly. Here’s a list of gigs/things to do – if the gigs are expired when you read this simply browse for ones similar.

a) Google Plus Ones

Right now Google are cracking down on fake Google Plus Ones so it’s difficult to purchase them from Fiverr. However there are some gigs out there that offer real Google Plus Ones.

- http://fiverr.com/michel_verrendo/give-you-50-real-google-1

The gig above gives you 50 “real” Google Plus Ones. You should distribute them between all of the pages on your site apart from the basic legal/contact pages. Ideally you should get at least 10 Google plus ones to each page of your site. For best results have them drip fed across 10-30 days.

You can contact the gig vendors and ask them to customize your order.

b) Pinterest Backlinks

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of most popular sites on the internet. It’s great for gaining powerful backlinks and is actually a picture sharing site which makes the backlinks very unique. There are numerous Pinterest link building services out there, but you only need some base links from them so Fiverr is the easiest option.

- http://fiverr.com/mikemeth/make-200-pinterest-backlinks-200-incoming-from-pr7-domain-best-social-media-signals-to-boost-google-rankings-and-traffic-social-signals
- http://fiverr.com/youtubekath/make-500-pinterest-backlinks-500-pr7-social-site-to-gain-rankings-and-traffic

c) Blast Links To Your Social Profiles

Your social profiles link to your site, so it’s a good idea to blast some links at them to boost their authority/drive some link juice through to your own site. I know most social profiles are no-follow, but many are not. Blasting them with some comments is worth the $5.

- http://fiverr.com/crorkservice/make-40000-blog-comment-backlinks-and-ping-them

d) Retweets

Retweets are an important part of social SEO. For some reason Retweets are more effective than normal tweets. Create a tweet with a link to your site and have it retweeted by hundreds/thousands of accounts with LOTS of followers.

- http://fiverr.com/tweet_retweet/tweet-your-message-to-my-active-real-170500-twitter-followers-and-share-itwith-10000-facebook-friends-with-proof

To ensure continuous search engine success, you should keep pumping your site with these social signals. Most of these signals simply cannot be artificially created via software or plugins; you need to pay someone to do them.

In the beginning it’s especially important to build them to your site to generate a rapid social presence.

5. Step Five: Press Release

Sending out a press release is the ultimate way to kick start your website. Even if it’s not new, you should launch a Press Release talking about how you’re about to start publishing lots of great content etc etc, talking about your site & its business.

Above all press release services I recommend PRWEB.

- http://prweb.com

There are cheaper options out there or even free options, a simple Google search will do the trick.

6. Step Six: SEO Services

Lastly, if you really want the highest rankings for all your pages you should consider subscribing to a few monthly SEO services. Or even sporadically purchasing link packages from forums and SEO companies.

Word of caution: build up some site authority before you start sporadically purchasing link packages. They can do more harm than good if Google doesn’t trust your website yet.

The easiest place to find link building services and packages is on the Warrior Forum or other SEO forums like backlinksforum.com.

It’s not difficult to find a good link building service. In terms of value for money; forums are the best places to look. Otherwise search Google and you’ll come across a bunch of SEO services..

In conclusion; this whole strategy is about firing your site up with social SEO to ensure it’ll rank well from the get go. Remember the principles and stick to them.

The best way to steadily grow your website while staying on Google’s safe side is to increase your content marketing, decrease your optimization.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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Feeding the search engines with fresh content is the name of the game, and like you said don't focus too much on optimization, thanks for the helpful tips!

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