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5 Steps To Getting Started With Internet Marketing


Getting started with Internet Marketing can be rough.

Domains, WordPress, copywriting, graphic design, traffic generation & conversions.

There is a lot to learn.

With so many moving components it can be difficult to keep up. Facebook changing their advertising policies, Google banning affiliates, dozens of Google updates per year; its obvious why so few people succeed in this industry.

In my time as marketer I’ve seen thousands of people get started with Internet Marketing, and quit before they’ve made their first $100. It’s always the same few reasons why they fail.

Here are 5 steps to getting started with Internet Marketing:

1. Digitize Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Things work very differently online. Your product or website doesn’t have to be ‘better’ than your competitors. As long as people land on your site, you can convert them into buyers and make money.

No matter how many thousands of others are selling the same thing. You do not need to create a product or some kind of unique website to earn a living. You can create websites, promote existing products and earn money as an affiliate.

In the offline business world finding a product to sell can involve manufacturers or making special deals with product owners. Online, you can become an affiliate for any product imaginable at the click of a button. (thanks to platforms like Clickbank or Amazon Associates)

You get to decide what you want to sell, and how you want to sell it.

2. Don’t Set A BS Goal

There are thousands of ‘gurus’ out there spreading lies about Internet Marketing. There are no push-button systems or softwares that instantly generate sales out of nowhere.

Making money in this business requires time, patience and smart work. The reason most new Internet Marketers quit is because they set a BS goal. They set an unrealistic goal of making something like $10,000 in their first month when they’ve never made more than $3000 in a month before.

Instead of setting a BS goal and quitting when you don’t reach it, set a small goal to start with. $1000 in your first month is perfectly attainable, and will allow you to reach goals quickly.

By reaching your goals quickly you’ll gain the confidence to set bigger goals and reach higher income levels. You have to remember there is a lot to learn.

You can by-pass a lot of the learning like marketing (actual selling) by promoting a product that’s proven to convert. With affiliate marketing you only need to be able to send traffic, which is the easiest skill in the world.

If you attempt to build a $10k/month business within 60 days by creating your own product with no prior marketing experience; you’re probably going to fail. Launching a successful info product as a vendor requires a lot of skill and experience.

Start with small goals, but don’t be afraid of creating crazy goals after reaching your first ‘realistic’ goal.

3. Devise A Simple Online Business Plan & Grow As You Learn

I don’t mean the kind of business plan you’d show an investor. I mean a word document on your desktop that documents exactly how you’re going to reach your first goal and lays out a brief plan for the next 6-12 months.

There are a thousand online business models to choose from. Start simple and learn the basic skills of website creation and marketing. Maybe you want to first build an Adsense website.

Something like an Adsense site will teach you basic website creation and SEO skills, and will allow you to start monetizing your traffic without any marketing knowledge.

Maybe you want to build 5 Adsense websites that rank on Google to learn SEO. Next you could build a site that promotes an information product, for that you’d have to learn how to sell stuff – real marketing. Start with the basics.

The key is to implement everything you learn as you learn it. Learn website creation, create a website. Learn SEO, build a basic Adsense site. Learn marketing, sell an information product.

Learn paid traffic, drive paid traffic to affiliate offers. Learn product creation, launch a product.

4. Start A Site You’re Passionate About

If there was one piece of advice new Internet Marketers should hear; it’s that they should start a website they’re passionate about. When you start a site you actually care about; you’re 10 times more likely to succeed than if you were to build a dog training or skin care site just because they’re profitable niches.

Without a passion for what you’re doing; you probably won’t make much money. The greatest companies in the world are so successful because their founders were so enthusiastic about the product/service/niche.

Always start with a business you care about. Start a site that you would enjoy working on if you weren’t getting paid to do it. Make Internet Marketing enjoyable, and you’ll succeed.

5. Find A Need And Create A Solution

Beginners should definitely play around with websites, SEO and running paid traffic at affiliate offers. You have to learn your way around the Internet and how to make a living from it.

After you’ve played around in a few niches. You’ve built a few sites you enjoyed working on and you’ve made some money because you were determined to make it work; it’s time to move on.

You have to find a need/problem and create a solution. Whether it’s selling a weight loss program to obese women or an Internet Marketing course to people who want to quit their jobs. Find your long term Internet Marketing business model. Create a product or service and market it.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more Internet Marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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