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5 More Facebook Advertising Hacks To Boost Your ROI

facebook advertising tips

In my last post I talked about 5 Facebook advertising tricks for getting higher CTRs. In this post I’m going to reveal 5 more Facebook advertising “hacks” for boosting your ROI and making ridiculous amounts of money with Facebook ads.

1. $20 Mini Campaigns

What’s the secret to launching hugely successful marketing campaigns?

Being a genius? Knowing all kinds of secrets that don’t exist? Hallucinogenic drugs?

None of the above (LOL).

The reality is the way to launch hugely successful marketing campaigns, websites and ideas in general is to simply TEST tons of ideas.

Testing, that’s all there is to it. Most people think they know what people want, so they create a product that they think will sell, and they spend a bunch of money marketing said product.

With FB advertising, you can never lose a ton of money. You can TEST your ideas for as little as $20. It’s what I like to call a $20 MINI CAMPAIGN.

Simply come up with a badass marketing idea (that you believe will sell). Now create a coming soon/early bird list landing page for the idea.

Maybe it’s a new info product or service you want to launch , create a landing page to capture the emails of people who are interested. Now create a profile of your target audience for the idea.

Now create an ad directed at that audience linking to the landing page. Whatever suggested big Facebook give you, bid HALF of it. Launch the campaign.

Now come back in an hour, see if you’ve gotten any impressions. Simply increase the bid 5 or 10 cents every hour until clicks start rolling in. This allows you to easily test your new ideas for next to nothing. Always do this before launching a huge FB ad campaign.

2. Start Higher, Drop Your Bid

Ok, so this is the complete polar opposite or what I just talked about. If you want to get traffic FAST, and you don’t care about over spending to begin with.

You need to start your bidding high, and slowly drop your bid. Here’s how it works:

Start by bidding just 3 cents over the bottom suggested bid Facebook gives you for your ad campaign. Just 3 cents above will ensure you start getting plenty of ad exposure.

When you start getting traffic, you get data on your ads. You can see which ads are working and which aren’t. I always start with at least 20 different ads, and run a good $100 at them before checking out the data.

If you’re paying $1/click, you need to spend at least $200+ to get some data back when targeting a small audience. The bigger the audience the more you need to spend to get this initial data.

After running some initial traffic at the ad, you can come back delete the low converting ads, and keep the high converting ads.

This time Facebook will have dropped your suggested bid for the high converting ad. In which case just lower your bid 3 cents above the next suggested bid Facebook gives you. Keep doing this again and again until you hit a plateau, then start creating more ads and testing new audiences.

3. Start Small, 50k Audience Works

Most newbie FB advertisers start targeting a gigantic audience. What’s up with that?

The larger the audience, the less targeted your ads will be, the lower your CTRs and the higher your ad spend.

You really don’t need to target a very big audience. You can easily generate 100+ clicks a day off of an audience of 50,000, that’s a good starting point.

50,000 reach.

Test with small audiences, get your ads right, split test them. Then branch out to bigger audiences and bigger ad campaigns as your budget allows thanks to your insanely high ROI,.

4. Fake Video Ads

Fake video ads get crazy click through rates. They are little ad images that look like a video with a play button.

Of course, they’re not actually a video, they’re an image that looks like a video and they’ll take the visitor to wherever your ad goes on your page.

For some reason Facebook decided to ban the use of ‘fake video ads’ for external URL promotions.

However, it’s still possible and extremely effective when you promote Sponsored posts on your Facebook fan page.

Really easy to do.

Simply post a fan page update with a fake video image in the update. Place a link to your target site first thing in the update/post along with a sentence which will be your ad copy right below.

When you go to create a new Facebook ad, select your fan page, click ‘sponsored post’ and select the post with the fake video image.

Facebook approves these ads and the click through rates are sky high. When its approved a fake video image and your URL/ad copy will show in the sidebar.

5. Use FB Ads To Destroy Affiliate Competitions

Another little known hack is to use FB ads to destroy affiliate competitions. With FB ads you know exactly how much money you’re spending per click.

This means if you know your target URL is making you more per click than the cost of the FB ad click, you can scale that sucker up and make a small fortune.

In the past I used this to crush affiliate competitions. Whenever there is a big product launch in the Internet Marketing community (or any other community for that matter), become an affiliate.

Now put together a bonus package for people who buy the product through your link. Setup a landing page with a video offering the bonus package and place a link to the sales page below.

Now target the market that would be looking at the product in a few FB ads. As long as your FB ad CPCs are lower than your EPCs of the product; you can quickly climb up the affiliate leader boards out of nowhere!

The trick is to target the right audience, easy to do with a few custom audiences and extracting Facebook member IDs from groups.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more Facebook marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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