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5 Little Known Facebook Advertising Tricks For Higher CTR

facebook advertising tips

Last week I talked about Facebook ads, and how you can use them to explode your traffic & leads, virtually overnight.

In this post I’m going to share 5 little known Facebook advertising tricks for getting higher click through rates and cheaper traffic!

1. Bidding Strategy

When it comes to bidding on Facebook ads, there are two schools of thought. Each equally opposite to the other. The says that you should do bid really low, and keep increasing the bid incrementally until you start getting enough impressions and clicks.

The other is to start a few cents over the bottom suggested bid. Both strategies have their own advantages. If you have a small budget, starting low will allow you to start getting cheap clicks, but it won’t be very quickly. Starting just 2 cents above the bottom suggested bid will ensure Facebook gives your ad enough visibility to start getting clicks immediately.

By getting clicks immediately (at a higher price), you can work to increase your ad click through rates and in turn lower your suggested bid. Facebook will lower the suggested bid as your CTR goes up.

2. Split Testing Ads

This is the single most important thing in Facebook advertising; split testing your ads! The secret to Facebook advertising is matching your ads to the right audience. When you create an ad that perfectly reasonates with its target audience; it’s going to get a LOT of clicks.

Lots of clicks means a high CTR which means lower CPC. Always start with at least 20 ads. 5 different images, 10 different headlines, 2 different ad copies.

Setup the ads, same targeting, run some traffic. Spend $50, $100, $200 – whatever suits your budget. After running the traffic (if your targeting is good), you’ll have some very useful data back. You’ll be able to select the best converting 2 images (throw the others) and the top 3 converting headlines. Also delete the worse performing ad copy.

Now setup 6 ads, an ad with each image and headline. At this point you should have a relatively good ad to test with. You can always repeat the process/change it slightly and create several other ads to work with.

Now is the time to split test your targeting. Start by split testing age groups, throw out the non-buying age groups and keep the others. If one age group is buying 70% of the products, zone in on the group and leave all others out.

Next you can start split testing the interests.

3. Targeting Desktops ONLY With The Power Editor

This one simple trick cut my lead cost in half. A huge percentage of Facebook visitors are on their mobile phones. Facebook automatically makes their website look sexy for mobile users.

Your capture pages and ads however, don’t look nearly as good on mobile along with several other reasons which lead to BAD conversions and expensive traffic.

The best ‘trick’ that will give you significantly cheaper traffic is simply targeting desktops only. You can do this by going to the Power Editor in Facebook.

When you go to the Ad manager, you’ll see the ‘Power Editor’ in the navigation menu on the right. On the first page of the Power Editor under the targeting, you’ll find ‘display options’ at the bottom of the page.

You’ll be able to choose from desktops, mobiles and several other options. Select DESKTOP ONLY and update > save.

4. Targeting

Targeting is the single most important element of Facebook advertising. Bad targeting = low CTR and high CPC. Good targeting the opposite.

The real secret to cheap FB traffic is great targeting and ads that resonate with the target audience. For example, lots of newbie advertisers get on Facebook with some kind of product to promote.

Let’s say Bob wants to promote his golf training course. He goes to the interests part of the ad creation page, and enters ‘golf’, he immediately sees that #Golf has an audience of 20,000,000 people.

Bob thinks he’s finally found his road to Internet Riches.

Unfortunately, the reality is that just because someone likes Golf, does not mean that they’ll be interested in a golf training product. Bad targeting, high CPC > broke BOB.

Now if Bob was smarter about it, he’d target people who were only interested in learning Golf. Which isn’t always easy to do.

To get stated, Bob might target #Golf Player, #Playing Gold, #Learning Golf, #Golf Coach. These keywords will generally be people interested in learning golf.

The point is it’s all in the targeting. Do not target generic keywords. Think about the kind of pages and things your target audience will be liking on Facebook. Target those keywords, start small. Split test. A targeted audience of 50,000 is better than a not-so-targeted audience of 500,000.

5. Get Your Spend Limit Increased

The final #5 is to get your spend limit increased. For some reason, Facebook limits your ad spend. They start you off at $10/day and you can slowly increase it.

If you want to drastically increase the budget, you need their permission. Facebook likes to make sure their advertisers can pay their bills before giving you a big budget increase.

Before you get your spend limit increased, you should have been advertising on Facebook for at least 2 months paying your bills every time.

The only way to increase your limit is to email them, file requests, keep paying your payments and emailing them some more! Simply go to the FB ad help center.

Click on any of the Q&A’s, scroll down the answers and you’ll find a ‘my question wasn’t answered’ tab. This will lead you to a form where you can contact them. Ask them to increase your ad spend. It’s as simple as that, the more you bug them the more likely they’ll increase your limit.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more Facebook marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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CTR - CPC ratio! affect ROI in FB advertising! 


Thanks for this David.  Learned some good stuff here.  Regarding #3.  Am unable to find the 'display options' that will allow me to select DESKTOP ONLY.  Got a screenshot of where it is?


Solid content Dave. Targeting ONLY desktops is an awesome facebook advertising trick. The other tricks are also good as well. What I like about advertising on facebook is the fact that you can get started for as little as $5 a day. They also have free advertising credits as well. 

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