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5 Common Habits Of Happy People


I like to think I know a lot of people. I also like to think I know a lot of people who are happy, as well as many who aren’t. As a kid I always used to appear happy, but underneath it all I was unhappy. I wanted more than I had. 

I carried on that way for a long time. All the way into the years I started Network Marketing and actually started making A LOT of money for the first time. The truth is I didn’t ever reach my income goals or break through in business until I figured out how to be happy with what I had.

Here are just 5 common habits of happy people:

1. Don’t Aim For Perfection

I used to be a perfectionist. I strived for excellence in everything I did. The only place it got me was nowhere. After years of being a total perfectionist something pro-found happened that changed me. I ended up spending 12 months too long on a project. I realized I set the launch date for March.

A year had past and it was March again, still working on this project. The problem was I wanted everything to be perfect. It was supposed to be a 3 month project, but took 4 times as long. Simply because I wasn’t accepting anything less than perfect. If I settled for good enough, I would have launched 4 more projects in the same time period.

There is only one thing you can do to stop perfectionism; settle for good enough. Good enough is the middle ground between perfect and good. Good enough is often better than perfect. It will take you far less time and allow you to get things out the door faster. You can always change things after they are released, published, or whatever it is.

Set a deadline, work towards that deadline, finish on the deadline. If the work is so bad that you couldn’t possibly finish it on the deadline; allow yourself a little more time. Don’t use ‘good enough’ as an excuse to be lazy, but don’t go overboard and spend twice as long on something to make it slightly better.

2. Be Kind & Help Others

One thing you’ll notice with all genuinely happy people is that they are kind to others and physically help them. There is no greater joy in life than helping others achieve their dreams. It’s my dream to help others achieve their dreams, my purpose, and to make money doing it.

If my bad habits have taught me one thing, it’s that karma exists. There is this weird universal law that gives you back what you put out into the world. Consciously, physically and unconsciously.

Help as many people as you can, at all times. Whether it’s taking your parents for lunch, believing in someone when no one else will or giving $10 to the homeless lady on the side of the street.

3. Give More Back Than What You Take

Another habit touching on number 2; give back more than you take. If you have an employee who’s making you a lot more money than you’re paying him; find another way to give back to him. Whether it’s a career advancement, business advice, coaching or a cash bonus.

Always give back more than you take. It always results in more prosperity and happiness for you.

4. Gratitude

Gratitude is another one of those universal laws that seems to always be in motion. If you’re not grateful for what you have now, you can’t be happy and you’ll have a difficult time attracting anything more than you already have.

5. Self Belief

Happy people tend to have a lot of self belief. They believe they can do whatever they set their mind on, because the reality is most people can. I’m sure you’re not going to grow a pair of wings and fly to mars any time soon. But building a business, reaching your income goals and moving into that dream home; your goals should be inevitable in your mind.

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