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4 Ways To Exponentially Grow Your Network Marketing Team

Most networkers wait their entire lives for exponential growth without ever reaching it.

Exponential growth is when your team reaches that point where it literally explodes. When it goes from steady month after month growth to ridiculous, unpredictable explosion.

The majority of Network Marketers who stick at their businesses reach a point where the money is stable, the number of new signups is stable and they’ve got themselves a sustainable business.

That’s great, but as you know Network marketing offers more leverage than nearly every other business in the world. And… If you know how, you can use that leverage to exponentially grow your team or enter what we like to call “hyper growth”.

So here are four ways to exponentially grow your Network Marketing team:

1. Set Goals For New Members

The biggest reason why most networkers never hit exponential growth is because they don’t know what to do with their new downline members. They usually get to the point where they’re bringing in enough people personally to make their ideal income; but never really focus on duplication.

If you want your team to duplicate which is the only way to exponential growth you need to lay out a blueprint for new members. You need to set them goals. The best way to do this is to get on the phone with new members, ask them what their personal goals are and help setup a personalized plan for them.

If they want to make $5000/month, setup a sensible goal of enrolling 1 new person a day to reach that income level. Then establish a fast start plan.

2. Create Fast Start Plans That Are Replicable

When a Network Marketer first joins a new company; they’re pumped, exhilarated and ready to take on the world. They have a good 2 month space after joining a company when they’ll actually take action.

If they’re not doing well in 2 months; they lose their enthusiasm and it all goes downhill from them. So you have a very short period of time to get them actively promoting and enrolling people into your team.

The best way to ensure they fully harness and use their enthusiasm is to create a fast start plan. You can create a basic fast start plan for every member. In fact, you can set it up so they’re instantly sent the plan upon joining.

The fast start plan can be anything like this: (a basic list)

  1. Make  List Of Your 20 Closest Friends And Or Family
  2. Approach Warm Market
  3. Network Offline
  4. Setup Website And Squeeze Page
  5. Send 10 People/day To  Squeeze Page
  6. Generate Leads
  7. Call Them & Use Script
You get the idea. Obviously you’ll want your fast start guide to be a lot more thorough and effective. A fast start guide should leverage new team member’s energy, enthusiasm and excitement.

3. Have Other Team Member Call Your Leads 

This is such a simple strategy, but it’s extremely effective. All you need to do is find another team member who’d be happy to call your leads for you. In return, you call his leads both using the same script.

The idea is to establish yourself as high value and authoritative. Like you’re the expert and if people want to talk to you; they have to go through your assistant first. So your team member needs to pretend to be your assistant and vice versa. So your team member calls your leads and positions you as an expert.

Tell your “assistant” to have leads watch your company sales video. Get your assistant to tell leads that after they’ve watched the video, you (the assistants boss) will call them back. Once they’ve watched the video, you personally should call them back. Most of the time they’ll be excited to hear from you.

Since you have an assistant, they’ll think you’re this bad ass expert. They’ll instantly respect you and listen to your every command. It’s amazing what an assistant can do to someone’s ego. When you call them back, simply ask them what they liked about the video. Followed by asking them how much money they’d like to make each money.

Then gently tell them you’ll help them reach their goal and sign them up. It’s pretty straight forward from there, because you established yourself as an expert; people will listen to you.

4. Have Executve Marketing Assistant Book New Members Into Your Schedule For Phone Call

This is just another way to excite new members into producing early on. Again, you can do this with another team member. Have a team member call your new sign-ups to book them into your schedule. By not calling them yourself; you position yourself as an expert who’s time is valuable.

It will ensure newbies won’t pester you all day with questions because; your time is valuable and they know it.

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