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4 Ways To Drastically Boost Digital Sales

how to boost sales

Selling products online and offline are worlds apart.

Many of the same marketing principles apply to selling stuff offline as they do online. Humans don’t evolve into different creatures when they log on to the Internet; but there is one major difference.

You can test and optimize your sales & marketing strategy online 1000 times more easily. There are more components to an online marketing strategy, more pages, more levels; more options.

Therefore boosting sales is pretty damn easy once you have a heavy volume of traffic flowing through your site’s doors. Here are 4 ways to drastically boost your sales, starting today:

1. Deepen Sales Funnel

The fastest way to boost sales and revenue is to simply create more product offers. When you got Mc Donalds and order a burger, they say ‘would you like fries with that’.

While extremely subtle, that strategy alone drastically boosts their revenue. Not by boosting the number of new customers; but simply boosting the amount customers spend by offering them more stuff.

If your sales funnel doesn’t include at least 3 products, that’s the first thing you should work on to boost revenue. You should always have an upsell and a downsell. If your front end product is $50, you should have an upsell priced from $75-$199 and a downsell priced from $10-$30.

By deepening your sales funnel with one or two more offers; you’ll drastically boost overall sales. Upsells and down sells otherwise known as OTO’s often convert at 30%+. It’s usually far more profitable to add products as upsells or downsells than promoting them to your customer base at a later date after purchase.

2. Make It Tempting To Buy From You

There are several tweaks you can do to your sales page that will make it A LOT easier for people to buy from you. Such as:

  • Telling visitors what to do next, tell them to fill out the form below and pull out their credits to buy now. Then explain that they’ll be redirected to the members area where they can access their purchase. The purchase process should be intuitive, if visitors have to think about how to purchase from you; you’re doing something wrong.
  • Create a Features/Benefits list: a sales page will convey all the features and benefits of your product in one long story/article, that’s what they do. However, by the time visitors get to the end of your sales page; they will have forgotten 80% of the reasons (features/benefits) of buying your product. Create a features/benefits list of bullet points at the bottom of your sales page to sum up what customers will receive.
  • Give few choices – the more options you give a person; the less likely they are going to make a decision. Make your pricing extremely simple, offer 1 to 3 pricing options and no more. People should be able to make a snap decision of what pricing option fits their needs.
  • Free shipping – if you’re selling a physical product always offer free shipping. This drastically boosts sales, it always has done since the start of Internet shopping. People will often pay a little more for the exact same item if it’s got free shipping. Even if the same product on another site comes to a smaller price including shipping fees. People love free stuff, even when it makes no sense. This applies to digital products as well, emphasize ‘instant access – free download’.

3. Overcome Objections

Objecting are the number one cause of losing sales. When people read your sales letter, conscious and subconscious objections will arise in their minds which will cause them to hesitate about your offer.

These objections are usually just manifestations of the visitors’ own limiting beliefs and values. For example, in the online marketing space; people will subconsciously be thinking ‘offers like this have never worked in the past, so this one won’t either’.

When talking to people in-person or over the phone, it’s easy to overcome these objections as people will naturally ask them. Online, it’s a different story. You have to figure out the more common objections your audience has, and overcome them in your sales copy or video and FAQ section.

The first step is to create a list of the top 10 most common objections people have to your offer. Normally these are like:

  • Why if your product more expensive than others, I’ll just buy the cheaper alternative.
  • Why should I trust you, isn’t this a scam?
  • What happens if this doesn’t work, will I get my money back, can you assure me it will work?
  • Is this really the solution the problem I’ve been searching for?

You need to identify all of these objections and overcome them in your sales copy. This will take time but once you cover them all; your sales will boost drastically.

4. Split-Test Everything On Your Sales Page

Split-testing is the easiest way to boost sales. Before split-testing ads and banners; split test your sales page. Split test the:

  • Headline
  • Sub-headline
  • Introduction
  • Bullet Points
  • Social Proof
  • Buy Buttons
  • Price Points
  • Angle

Once you split-test all of the above elements; start split-testing smaller elements; like sentences in your copy. Literally changing a single sentence or phrase and seeing how it impacts sales. Test out Optimizely for split-testing.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more conversion boosting tips, tricks and strategies.

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