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4 More Interesting Ways To Increase Blog Conversions

Ways To Increase Blog ConversionsThis post is a follow up post on my previous “4 Interesting Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Blog“…

Go ahead and read it if you haven’t, otherwise here are 4 more interesting ways to increase blog conversions:



1. Use An Email Template

If you want your subscribers to read your emails, they need to stick out like a sore thumb! The best way to make your emails unique is to use a template. If you’re using an autoresponder like Aweber, it’s easily done.

You can create an HTML template to use for all your emails. An HTML template is essentially a frame in which your email goes. The template can incorporate your blog’s color scheme and even logo. Since it’s so difficult to explain how to do this, you’re going to have to look it up. It varies depending on your Autoresponder. (Just look it up)

2. Promote Tools Page

I’m personally not a fan of using follow-ups for my lists because for one, they’re not “current” and I honestly believe they decrease list responsiveness. However, for my blogs I’ve found using 2 follow-ups to be highly effective. A welcome email and a tools page promotion email.

The welcome email is standard. An email sent immediately after someone joins my list welcoming them. Then, on the second or third day I send out an email promoting my tools page. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the initial post here. Basically I talked about create a resource page full of the tools you use in your business.

Obviously this is only going to work if you’re in the online marketing space or one similar to it. After countless hours of research, I found that the one page on my blog that was making me the most money was my “Internet Marketing Tools” page. It’s just a page where I list a bunch of the tools I use to build my business and of course, I use affiliate links to link to the sales pages.

Readers love resource pages and because they’re only “friendly recommendations”, they buy a ton of stuff through them. Unfortunately only a few percent of visitors ever checkout your tools page. That’s why you should promote it via email. It’s a simple strategy and very profitable. You want to milk as much money as possible from your blog subscribers.

Having a tools page with lots of affiliate links is arguably the best indirect monetization strategy. Pat Flynn does a great job at monetizing his blog, in fact he pockets between $20,000-$30,000/month from the tools on his resource page alone!

To promote your tools page, you should send a simple email saying “I finally decided to reveal the tools I use to build my business. Honestly – without these tools I wouldn’t have a business. In fact, I’d probably still be broke”. Set it up to go out 1-2 days after your welcome email. Again – this tip is only for those in the Internet Marketing world.

After those two follow-up emails, i only email my subscribers current stuff.

3. Promote Google Plus Profile And Facebook/Twitter

Most inexperienced bloggers list between 3 and 10 social networks on their blogs. Really – you should only promote one. It can either be Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter. Why one? Well because by listing them all, you’re going to scatter your following.

It’s much better to have 10,000 Twitter followers than 3000 Facebook fans, 3000 followers and 3000 Google Plus contacts. It makes it look like you don’t have a strong following when you really do. Focus on 1 social network, preferably Google Plus. (Learn about the Google personalized results and you’ll see why)

Once you’ve chosen the social network you want to focus on, add a button to your blog’s sidebar that allows your readers to connect/follow/add you.

4. Funnel Your Traffic

If you’re getting a load of traffic but not really building a list; you have a problem. In order to maximize blog conversions, you need to funnel your traffic. You need to funnel it into a few different categories. By funneling your traffic into a few categories, you can dramatically increase the number of visitors who opt-in to your email list.

First things first, write down 3-5 categories of traffic your blog is getting. For example they could be: blogging, SEO, social media, list building and niche websites. They will be more or less the same as the categories you use when publishing blog posts.

Once you have your categories you need to create a resource page for each one. Each resource page should be a page dedicated to the category linking to all of the posts about it. I always use the no sidebar setting in WordPress for my resource pages. This allows me to turn them into sort of capture pages.

For example the SEO resource page. You could start it by talking briefly about SEO and why it’s so important to learn. Followed by several links to your blog posts on SEO and an opt-in box. The opt-in box can be category specific or just a “like my stuff, join the email list”. You can build several different email lists using the funneling strategy.

One email list for each category of traffic you’re getting. Doing so will allow you to increase your list responsiveness. So if you published a blog post about SEO, you could send it to the people who opted in on the SEO resource page and leave the other guys in peace. Once you have your resource pages, you can create simple banners for them and stick them in your sidebar.

Once done you would have successfully created a traffic funnel.

That’s it, 4 very simple yet highly effective strategies for increasing blog conversions.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the form on the right for more cool blogging tips, tricks and secrets.

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