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3 More Strategies To Optimize Your Autoresponder Campaign

Yesterday I talked about 3 Strategies To Optimize Your Autoresponder Campaign.

Here are 3 more strategies:

1. Change Email Formats

With a little more research and digging through your autoresponder follow-ups, you’ll find many emails just aren’t generating many clicks. If you follow the strategy from the last post; your emails should be getting significantly higher open rates.

Higher open rates don’t always equal higher click through rates. If your emails were getting 5% open rates > 10% click through rates, your CTR’s aren’t necessarily going to jump up just because your open rates are higher. Generally if you have a better subject line, more people will read your email; but if your email blows; no amount of opens will matter.

You need to change your call to actions. Using the same process as described in the first post for finding subscribers who didn’t open your email, create a new segment of subscribers who opened the new email; but didn’t click any links.

Just add another field ‘link not clicked’ to the search on the my subscribers page as well as select ‘opened email’ in the first field. This will generate the list of subscribers for your desired email who opened the email, but didn’t click any links. It’s a good idea to search through every email to see which is pulling the least clicks, start testing with that one.

Now that you have searched and generated the list of subscribers, save them as a new segment ‘links not clicked email #’. Now, like before, create a split-test broadcast to this segment of subscribers. But instead of changing the subject line, change the format of the email and the call to action.

If you have really long emails, start with length. You’ll often find no amount of excellent copywriting will boost click through rates. Lots of subscribers just don’t like reading long emails; unless they REALLY love hearing from you which is highly unlikely. As well as testing length, test format. Try the cool new HTML templates Aweber provides.

Try adding images and whatever else to spice up your emails. Link placement is also crucial. Play around with using naked URL’s, contextual links and image links. After split-testing all of those elements and finding the highest converting. Split-test the call to actions. The exact words you use to tell your subscribers to click your links. Whatever split-test email pulls the most clicks; replace your old follow-up message with.

2. Create Mini-Sequences & Sub-Lists

When you’ve done all of the above steps (including the ones in this last post), give the autoresponder sequence some time to generate some results. Depending on the volume of new subscribers you have, give it a week to 2 months. At this point you’ll know how well your sequence is working, which will manifest in dollars in your bank account.

So you’ve got high open rates, awesome click through rates; but some of the emails aren’t converting subscribers into buyers. Identify those weak points in your autoresponder campaign. Hopefully you’ve created a high converting autoresponder funnel already, and you don’t have to rip apart the whole thing.

If you need to rip apart the whole thing as none of the emails are converting subscribers into buyers; you need to re-think the business model. If all is good and you haven’t done a horrible job on your funnel; just identify the weak points. Identify the emails that are getting a lot of clicks, but those clicks aren’t converting into buyers.

If you’re like most large-scale email marketers; I’m guessing you have several different promotions locked and loaded into 1 giant autoresponder campaign. If so, great, you have a lot to work with. Let’s say you have a main goal to convert new subscribers into buyers for your own product – that’s email sequence 1.

However, after that sequence is over you have 10 other mini-sequences within the same list promoting 10 different products. 8 of them convert well since you’ve followed the advice in these two posts. But, 2 of them are sending clicks – but the subscribers aren’t buying. What do you do?

Problems with sales pages aside, the chances are those subscribers just aren’t ready to buy yet. You haven’t pre-sold them enough. In this situation, you need to move these interested subscribers onto another list designed to sell the individual product.

This list should override all of their objections and eliminate their doubts about the product almost subconsciously. This mini-autoresponder sequence should have a couple of content-only emails designed to pre-sell the product and eliminate objections/doubts. Let’s say the product they passed up on was some kind of email marketing course.

What would be their common objections/doubts?

  • Objection 1: They don’t feel like they need the information.
  • Objection 2: They believe their autoresponder campaigns are working just fine.
  • Objection 3: The last email marketing course was overpriced and didn’t deliver.
  • Objection 4: They’re worried it will take too much time and it’s not worth it.

To counter these objections, the first email in the mini-autoresponder could be a blog post with a few email marketing tips showing them a few simple tricks they can use to boost their open rates by at least 30% (this immediately counters objection 1 and 4).

The next email could be another piece of content titled ’7 Reasons Why Your Autoresponder Campaigns Suck’ (again countering objection 1 and 2). Lastly a third email could go out linking to another piece of content giving away a few tips, a special discount on the offer as well a list of testimonials from past customers (social proof).

The last email would counter pretty much every objection. It’s as simple as guessing (or finding out) the most common objections people have to the offer that isn’t converting well. Using that information you can create a mini-autoresponder series to counter those objections and re-pitch the offer.

To take it to another level; create a survey to send out to non-responders asking them why they didn’t buy the product. Done right this is marketing gold for your mini-AR campaigns.

This strategy is guaranteed to dramatically boost sales and plug any holes in your autoresponder campaign.

3. Ignore Common Email Marketing Practice

For beginners it’s easy to copy the competition, see your campaign working to a degree and adopting the ‘if it aint broken, don’t fix it’ mindset. The reality is most companies have no idea how to really do email marketing.

Even the ones that do, they rarely re-optimize their campaigns to this level of detail. This is really what the multi-national companies do. They are constantly improving conversions; at whatever cost necessary.

A common email marketing tactic is to send a ’7 day course’. Seven day e-courses are horse shit. People want INSTANT GRATIFICATION, this means they want a download, a discount on a product, access to something upon giving you their information.

All this ‘Opt-in for blog updates’ shit is nonsense. Very few people will join your list if your opt-in form only says ‘join the list for updates’ or ‘join the list to stay up to date’. Updates? Not very appealing.

Your opt-in form/popup/whatever should offer subscribers instant gratification. An Ebook or digital product works very well, or special access to some kind of information. If you’re running some kind of e-commerce store this gets tricky and near-impossible to build a list conventionally. The best strategy in those situations is to offer a £10 discount on first order upon signing up to the email list.

Just avoid copying your competitors, just because they’re a successful company; doesn’t mean they know anything about email marketing. Some douche in their marketing department may have came up with ‘free company updates’ and ran with it. Little do the company know by offering instant gratification their opt-in rates would explode.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more marketing tips, tricks and secrets.

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Good read. I know Autoresponders nice choice. But I recently move onto Apptivo, it also quite good.


Interesting post! I'm just beginning with autoresponders. What would you recommend? I heard that GetResponse is quite easy to use?


Email is relationship building....long term never short fall... engagement; inter reactive of values; then TRUST being established for closing....for sales...  http://



Great post Dave, you're definitely right about offering visitors instant gratification. People want things quick,fast,easy and they want them now. So a 7 day bootcamp definitely won't do the job. They might get to day 1 of your bootcamp since it will probably get sent to their inbox right away, but that's about it. 

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