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3 Internet Marketing Business Models That Actually Work

Internet Marketing Business ModelsLet’s face it, building an online business isn’t exactly easy. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome and problems that you need to solve before you see true success. What do I mean by true success? Crap loads of money! After all that’s why we got into Internet Marketing right? Me personally, not so much of an Internet Marketer, I’m actually known for Network Marketing. However I have a very diverse business model in which I’m open to lots of new ideas.

If someone was to ask me what my job title was, I would have to say an Internet Marketer. People know me for all the success I’ve had in Network Marketing, but I do in fact have several Internet Marketing businesses that do very well for me. I just use my Internet Marketing skills in conjunction with my mad Network Marketing stuff to build my business. But enough about me, I want to reveal 3 Internet Marketing business models that actually work.

1. Selling Your Own Products

This is by far the most lucrative online business model out there. Every top Internet Marketer has an entire range of products. Selling your own products has countless advantages over the other business models. For one, you make 100% of the money. Most people start off as affiliates and they only ever make 25-75% of the profits. When you have your own product you get to keep everything after affiliate commissions are paid out. Also, instead of being an affiliate for other people’s products, you get the affiliates!

That’s probably the biggest advantage of selling your own products, you get to leverage other people’s marketing efforts. If you have a great product in a big niche then the affiliates will come. All you have to do is list your product on a few popular networks like Clickbank or PayDotCom, then they will come.

To make this model work you need to select a niche, identify a problem and create an information product that solves the problem. Once your information product is finished, you need a sales page, affiliates and lots of targeted traffic. Then again, successfully selling your own information product can take months or years. Trust me though – if you want to make it big in this business then you need your own products.

They give you credibility, recognition and crap loads of money when marketed correctly. You also get to keep all of the customers. I don’t know about you but, ever since I launched my first product building someone else’s customer base doesn’t seem very attractive. So what’s the formula for massive passive profits with your own info product?

Great product + great sales page + affiliates + lots of targeted traffic = massive passive profits + customer base!

2. Building Niche Websites

This is a great business model that’s simple enough for the average Joe and profitable enough for advanced entrepreneurs. Making money with niche websites is very scientific, there aren’t many skills involved so anyone can do it. What’s a niche website? Well it’s a niche specific website that’s main aim is to make money. They are essentially websites, but you can build and monetize them in just about every niche imaginable.

For example mattresses. Who would have thought you could make money in the mattress  niche? Well I didn’t, not before I heard my friend was making a 6 figure income with a chain of small mattress sites! Niche sites generally use search engines as their main traffic source. There’s a simple process to building a profitable niche website:

  1. Identify Niche
  2. Identify Keywords
  3. Buy Domain
  4. Install WordPress And Setup Website
  5. Post Regular Content
  6. Build Backlinks
  7. Monetize
  8. Repeat

It’s such a simple business model and can be scaled up quite quickly. You build sites, post content, build backlinks, rank in the search engines, rake in traffic and monetize it. There are dozens of ways to monetize niche websites, most people go with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or even selling their own products.

6. Software

Selling your own software product can be remarkably profitable. You can programme software to do just about anything. In the Internet Marketing niche, software’s sell like hot cakes. Best of all you don’t need to know a damn thing about programming! Thanks to the Internet and sites like FreeLancer, you can easily find a cheap programmer to work for you for less than $500/month.

You can sell all kinds of software. Normal desktop software, web based applications or even WordPress plugins. You just need an idea and a small amount of money to pay a programmer. You can sell your software product all over the place. On forums, market places, blogs and your own website. Something cool and unique about software – you can charge a monthly subscription fee for doing almost no extra work.

With normal information products, in order to charge a monthly subscription fee – you must keep adding to the product every month. Otherwise it would be like charging a monthly fee for a standard book. With software, you can charge X amount of money every single month for access. Develop once and charge foerever! Of course, there are updates, software specifications, user interface designs and obviously tech support to think about. All in all selling your own software product in an excellent model, especially if you like the sound of continuity income.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

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P.P.S. Go ahead and leave me your thoughts, comments and questions in the box below. Let’s rock it out :)

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Tyronne Ratcliff
Tyronne Ratcliff

Creating info products and getting affiliates to promote and sell them for you has to be one of the best business models online, not only do you make money from your initial sales, but now you have a list you can market to over and over again as well.

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