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3 Completely Free Blog Networks That Really Work

Blog NetworksAs an Internet Marketer, I’ve learn’t quite a lot about search engine optimization. SEO is basically the art of ranking on Google and getting lots of search engine traffic. In order to rank well and high up, you need lots of backlinks. Due to recent Google algorithm updates certain link building methods no long work.

After extensive research, I’ve found that blog networks are still as effective as ever. If you don’t know, blog networks are just networks of blogs. Most networks consist of 500-5000+ blogs. Usually the blogs are all high Page Rank and aged. The higher the Page Rank of the blogs – the higher the quality of the network.

Normally you pay a monthly fee and in return are allowed to submit spun articles into the system. Once a spun article is in the system unique variations of it get distributed to 10-100+ blogs in the network. Each article you submit generally results in dozens if not hundreds of high Page Rank backlinks.

Blog networks are very simple and effective, but usually very expensive. I’ve tested over a dozen paid blog networks and they all produce results. BUT – wouldn’t it be nice to use free blog networks?

It would, so after more research I found that free blog networks work just as well as many paid ones. When used together, these blog networks can produce immense results:

1. Authority Link Network

Authority Link Network is a completely free blog network that anyone can join. In order to submit articles to the network, you must earn credits. And… to earn credits you must contribute to the network. By contribute I mean add your own high Page Rank domain.

ALN is a user based network, the entire blog network is created by individual membes adding their own domains. It’s a team effort kind of thing. Here’s how the credits system works:

ALN is one of those user based networks. The entire network has been created from users adding their own high Page Rank domains. Here are the details:

- Add a PR 1 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 0.5 points.
- Add a PR 2 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 1 points.
- Add a PR 3 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 1.5 points.
- Add a PR 4 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 3 points.
- Add a PR >5 sites: Your submission limit will be increased by 6 points.

Really simple, each credit you earn allows you to submit 1 article into the network per day. In each article you submit you’re allowed to place a few links pointing to your websites. As of now there are over 13,000 blogs in the network and they are all high Page Rank.

Every article you submit will go on a maximum of 15 blogs at a 5/day submission rate. That means every article can generate a total of 45 backlinks (3 links/article x 15 posted). ALN is a great blog network and I’ve been getting solid results from using it. Click here to check it out.

2. Free Blog Links

Free blog links is almost identical to Authority Link Network. The biggest difference is that the Free Blog Links network only consists of 1400 or so blogs. While the network is lacking in domains – they are all high Page Rank which means quality backlinks for you. The network is very new and I can see it growing to 10,000+ blogs. Here are the submission details:

SUBMISSION LIMITS (1 point = 1 submission per week)

• Approved PR 1 site: Submission Limit + 2 points
• Approved PR 2 site: Submission Limit + 7 points
• Approved PR 3 site: Submission Limit + 10 points
• Approved PR 4 site: Submission Limit + 20 points
• Approved PR 5 and above site: Submission Limit + 40 points
• Your remaining points will be added on the incoming weeks. (currently disabled)

The credits system is similar to the one of Authority Link Network – a few slight differences. Now because the network is so small, each submission will only go out to 5 high Page Rank blogs (this number will change when they hit 3000 blogs). A cool thing about this network is that you can schedule submissions over 30 days to make your link building appear more natural. Click here to check it out.

3. Link Authority

Last but not least is Link Authority. Link Authority is completely different to the other blog networks. It’s actually much better but requires more input. Link Authority doesn’t accept spun articles, only 100% unique content. LA is similar to Build My Rank which is the best rated blog network out there (as of now).

Link Authority consists of Page Rank 2+ blogs, about half of the network is privately owned by Link authority and the other half is user built. In every 300 word article you submit to Link Authority, you can include 2 links to your site/s so 1 link per 150 words. Each unique article you submit goes on 1 of the blogs in the network.

A great little feature… Your live posts are promoted on bookmarking sites, micro sites, web2.0 sites and via RSS feeds! This means Link Authority help index your backlinks and boost their power. You do have to write completely unique articles to gain links from this network, but it’s totally worth it.

The blogs in this network are second to none, apart from Build My Rank which is essentially a premium version of LA. I strongly believe Link Authority is like the next generation in link building services. Like the other networks, you need to add domains in order to earn submission credits:

“The only thing you need to do is contribute sites with a PR2+ into the network – You then get access to publish articles across this amazing powerful network. An example of how we award you submissions are as follows.”

  • Add a PR 2 site and increase your submission quota by 2 per day
  • Add a PR 3 site and increase your submission quota by 3 per day
  • Add a PR 6 site and increase your submission quota by 7 per day

Link Authority is an amazing blog network, it’s almost as good as Build My Rank which is my number 1 choice right now. To signup, click here.

In Conclusion, blog networks get results and you should definitely incorporate them into your overall link building strategy. My advice is for everyone to buy at least 1 high Page Rank domain and add it to each network. That will give you all the power you need to rank for some highly competitive terms.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also put your name and email address in the form on the right for more cool SEO tips, tricks and secrets.

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Free definitely works for me. All of these "small" fees can quickly add up each month. My brain is on information overload. Blog Networks - would Blog Engage be considered a Blog Network as well?

Michael Burns
Michael Burns

Thanks Dave, I book marked this blog post so I can check out these networks. Looks very cool.

Michael Burns
Michael Burns

I will definately be checking these networks out.

Stephen Peters
Stephen Peters

Hey Dave, The links for "Authority Link Network" and "Free Blog Links" are broken. Just a heads up. Of course those two names can be Googled to get there any way.

Stephen Peters
Stephen Peters

Hi Dave, Wow! I like free. What a great way to get your content and links out there to be seen and clicked. I'll definitely use these in the near future. My Best, Stephen

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