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16 Untapped Traffic Sources Part Two

Traffic SourcesDiversifying your traffic sources is essential.

If you get hit by Google tomorrow or if Facebook closes down your advertising account, will you still have an influx of traffic and leads?

If not, you need to start working on creating new streams of traffic. To learn the first 8 traffic strategies, read part one.

9. Press Releases

Press releases are another excellent source of traffic.


While free press release sites can send you some traffic and provide backlinks, they’re pretty useless. If you’re going to use press releases, use paid press releases.

Paid press releases from companies like PRweb.com will distribute your press release to thousands of major news sites, give you hundreds of high quality and high PR backlinks and send you thousands of visitors all at the same time.

Only send a paid press release out when your company/site releases something new worth getting exciting about. Also its worth keeping in mind that press releases rank extremely well on Google, so you can use them to target high competition keywords.

10. Blog Commenting

We’ve all heard this one right? Most bloggers in particular should be making use of this strategy. Blog commenting on new posts of high traffic relevant sites. When you leave a comment, you leave a link to your site. When you leave a high quality comment, people read it and click through to your site.

Simply find the top 10 blogs in your niche, check them weekly and leave comments on their new blog posts. Powerful strategy will cumulative effects.

11. Guest Blogging

Again, we’ve all heard of this. However few people actually do it. The reason is because its a huge pain in the ass. You have to sit down yourself and create high quality articles or hire someone who can.

Simply make a list of all the top blogs in your niche, contact them and ask if you can publish a guest post on their site as a guest author. All you want in return is an author resource box with 1 link to your site.

Guest blogging generates high quality relevant backlinks and traffic. A guest post probably won’t send you much traffic, but its not unusual to receive 100 visitors a month from an average guest post.

Publish 100 of them, and 10,000 visitors/month is worth the effort. The backlink effect is also powerful, especially with what’s happening with Google right now.

12. CPA

This is probably the most powerful little-known traffic source. Thousands of marketers promote CPA offers, but very few actually create their own. It’s very simple, CPA means cost per action. If you own a product, you can put it on a CPA site and tap into 1000s of affiliates.

ICPA networks list CPA offers for publishers (affiliates/marketers) to promote. You can browse them for offers in every niche. Each offer lists how much they pay per sale or per lead or both. You can promote them and earn commissions for each sale you generate or each lead.

Lots of CPA offers pay you per lead generated. So you don’t even have to sell anything, you simple have to send traffic and generate leads. A lead usually pays $1-5 and sales $50+.

The advetiser only pays when a sale is made or a lead is generated. If you earn $60/sale, you can offer CPA publishers $30 commission per sale and double your money. You can literally tap into thousands of publishers and make sales overnight. This strategy can produce thousands upon thousands of sales. You don’t have to worry about the traffic, as that’s what the publishers are for.

To actually add your offer to a CPA network, it needs to convert extremely well and you’ll also need a large budget.

13. Infographics

Creating infographics is a powerful method of generating traffic. If you create a popular infographic (not that easy to do), it can go viral, your site can be shared across thousands of social media accounts and as a result you’ll receive a huge influx of traffic.

Bloggers absolutely love infographics and will re-post them on their sites, they also tend to blow up on Digg and Pinterest. Done right, a clever/humorous/controversial or informative infographic can generate tens of thousands of visitors. Done wrong; maybe 50 at best.

 14. Video Responses

Creating video responses to viral or high traffic Youtube videos can be an excellent way to boost your traffic and build a Youtube audience. Just find popular or viral videos in your niche, create a video response with a link to your site in the description and upload it to your Youtube account.

15. Ad Swaps

Ad Swaps are one of the most effective list building strategies in existence. To do this you have to own a list of subscribers and be able to send at least 50 clicks from an email. If you’ve been getting a lot of traffic I’m assuming you have an email list.

Ad Swaps are straight forward, you simply ‘swap’ email ‘ads’ with other marketers in your niche. You find a marketer/website who has an email list similar to yours, and agree to exchange a rough number of clicks.

You can find an ad swap partner on a forum or by contacting websites directly. Create a free report or video to give away in return for opt-ins, create a squeeze page and ask the ad swap partner to do the same. On a set date, you send the other marketers squeeze page to your list and he does the same.

It results in an instant influx of new subscribers, like clockwork. Just be careful not to do this too often as you’ll be giving away your subscribers to too many marketers i.e. your competition.

16. Buying Other Websites

This is one of the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective ways to generate a stream of leads and traffic. Yet very few people ever talk about this. You’d be surprised how many sites there are in your niche that you can snap up and quickly turn into lead generating machines for pennies on the dollar.

Most webmasters suck at conversions, they don’t know how to generate leads from their sites or monetize their visitors. A site generally sells for 10-15 times its monthly earnings.

So you’ll often find a site where the owner is making $100/month in Adsense revenue from literally tens of thousands of visitors (bad monetization). A quick purchase at $1000 (10 times monthly revenue) and a few changes, you could end up with a site generating 10+ leads a day.

How long would it take for 10 leads a day to earn you $1000? Not very long if you have a good funnel. That’s it for the 16 untapped traffic sources. Google is changing every month, as is Facebook and Google Adwords. You shouldn’t rely too heavily on the ‘mainstream’ traffic generation strategies.

If a time comes in the future where they stop your traffic overnight, will your business survive? If not, start diversifying your traffic sources now.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more traffic generation tips, tricks and secrets.

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