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10 Tips To Becoming A Good Writer

Becoming A Good Writer

Far too many writers have their heads filled up with insecure thoughts about whether or not their writing is “good” enough.

Writing is pretty simple.

I personally believe it’s what you’re writing about and who you’re writing for that matters the most. If you’re writing about something you care nothing about, it’s gonna be awful. We as human beings find it incredibly difficult to form an intelligently interesting opinion about something we care nothing about.

So first and foremost you need to enjoy what you’re writing about. That’s the first step to becoming a good writer. Once you’re writing about something you care about, you can freely express your opinions and thoughts through your writing.

Only then should you worry about becoming a better writer and writing “good” articles. But first, what is good?

Nearly everyone has a different definition for good, especially when it comes to writing. What one considers good another considers poor. So ultimately you need to write the best you can and hope to please the greater majority of readers. Let’s begin:

1. Write About What You’re Interested In

As I mentioned, you can’t just write about something you care nothing about. Unless you’re interested in a subject, you’ll have a difficult time forming opinions about it. If you want to write something riveting, you need to be interested in the subject – period.

I can’t count the number of people I know who are writing about something that deep down; they despise.

2. Read A LOT!

The more you read, the greater your vocabulary becomes and the faster it grows. Words are the building blocks of good writing. The more words you read, the more words you can implement into your writing.

3. Have An Audience

Having an audience is key to producing great writing. You need a community to give you honest feedback about your writing. An audience can be blog subscribers, customers or even friends. Essentially whoever reads your stuff.

4. Write Every Day

You can’t become a good writer without constant practice. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. The more you write, implement ideas and try new things; the better you’ll become.

5. Write Down Ideas

When you’re out, make sure you note down any thoughts that come to mind. Any thoughts that’ll help you in your writing or simply ideas for new content. Whether you’re writing blog posts, articles or a novel. A huge percentage of your ideas will come to you when you’re not writing. If and when they come to you, write them down for later.

6. Edit

Editing is what makes writing a thousand times more powerful. Most novels and other books go through thousands of edits before they ever get published. After you’ve written something, re-read it several time and make as many edits as you can to improve the writing. Be careful not to edit something profound or key to the content.

7. Seek Inspiration

Writing every day of the week can infuriate just about anyone, especially when you struggle to come up with anything good. Inspiration can come in the form of anything. Most of the time the easiest way to seek inspiration is to read great writing, learn about great authors and read relevant content.

8. Be Enthusiastic!

Realize why you are writing and establish your goals. Everyone loses enthusiasm for something when they’ve been working on it for so long. I once spent 6 months on a product launch that was supposed to be completed in one. By month 3 and 4, I got slower and slower at working because of a loss of enthusiasm. By realizing my goals and why I was doing it; I picked up the pace.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, questions and comments below.

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