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10 Step Product Launch Checklist

Product Launch ChecklistI’ve launched my fair share of products in my time as an online marketer. I can tell you, launching products isn’t easy. If you do one thing wrong, it can destroy your launch and ruin your reputation.

I’ve had a whole list of things go wrong; from my server going down to payment buttons failing. There’s nothing worse than sales not going through when affiliates are mailing for your product.

To ensure I never screw up any of my launches again; I’ve created a 10 step product launch checklist:

1. Test The Sales Process

You’d be surprised how many people don’t even test their sales process. If you’ve got a simple product with one offer, you shouldn’t have to worry about the sales process not working. But when you have three one time offers, upsells, downsells, software that needs licensing and more; things tend to screw up.

To make sure your sales process works, buy everything from the start. Click on your email link that you’re going to mail your list, buy through the sales page and purchase any one time offers you have setup. Make sure you get access to all the products you purchased quickly. Make sure the members/download area works along with the download links.

2. Get A Dedicated Server

You wanna know how to really screw up a big product launch? By using a baby hostgator package, yes I did it. It was early days and I didn’t know I’d get so many sales. If your hosting package is cheap, check into its bandwidth allowance, see how many visitors you can have at one time. During a launch all of your affiliates and JV partners mail their lists sending their subscribers to your offer.

This means A LOT of people will be going to your sales page at the same time. During a launch, upgrade your hosting package to a dedicated server or something slightly less expensive depending on your needs.

3. Test Your Product

Obviously, you should always test your product. Make sure it works properly and delivers on all of its promises. You do not want a bug in your software or a link to be broken in your ebook – refunds suck.

4. Perform Multiple Browser Check

For some obscure reason, some things work on one browser and not on others. Something common is broken images on one browser and not another. Check your sales pages and images on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer AND Safari. Make sure everything looks good and nothing is broken.

5. Spelling & Grammar

You look like a real idiot when you have spelling mistakes in your product or worse; your sales copy. Triple check your spelling and grammar.

6. Backup WordPress

If using WordPress, make sure you backup the site before you launch. It’s also a good idea to update all plugins and WP themes.

7. Autoresponder

Make sure all of your opt-in forms are working and customers are automatically being added to your list.

8. Affiliate Program

The most important part of your launch is its affiliate program. You can’t expect to drive the sales yourself. All big launches are successful because of the vendors affiliates. Affiliates should drive over 90% of sales, make sure the affiliate program is working properly and affiliates get access to their links.

9. Beta Testers

This is especially important if you are launching software or a WP plugin. Never launch software without thoroughly testing it. The more people who install it, the more bugs will appear and the more problems they’ll have. Make sure you gather a handful of beta testers to iron out most of the bugs before launch.

10. Have A Support System

It’s vital that you have a support system in place to handle customers problems immediately after launch. If customers run into problems and don’t get them resolved within a day or even hours; they will likely request a refund. You should have a graphic/button inside your members area linking to your support page. You should encourage customers to get in contact if they find any bugs/have any problems with your product/s.

In Prosperity,

David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts, comments and questions below. Also opt-in to the email list on the right for more product launch tips, tricks and secrets.

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