The Most Magical Place In The World :)

Standing on stage – holding my Son, Gabriel. Watch this video: Now THAT is badass… Read more

Special, Urgent Message To Personally Sponsored Members.

Before you watch this video, please see our full earnings disclosure. This message is to my personally enrolled team.  If you’re not in, you can join here. Watch the video, and let me know if you’re in.  If you’re not, it’s ok. You can… Read more

[URGENT] Special Message to MLM Leaders: It’s Time For Your Dynasty.

I’m making this special post as an open invitation to leaders in the MLM profession. Please watch this video – it’s 31 minutes, and you need to see the entire thing.  I talk about the honest problems in our profession, and how we’re going to fix… Read more

[8pm EST, Live] The Vision, The Plan, and HOW We’re Going To Get There

I’m going to be LIVE here at 8pm EST – for only one hour. This is a private invite for my team only – click here to find “Inner Circle” details. Here are some testimonials of people who have worked with me.  (click here) See you at 8pm… Read more

8pm EST Private Hangout – My List and Team Only.

Watch this replay, and make a decision. * Please pay attention.  The audio was out the first 4-6 minutes.  After that, it starts – just jump past the first few minutes in the recording.  There are only about 60 hours left (maybe less, as… Read more

The Story of My Son.

I wanted to share the story of my Son Gabriel. The photo above was taken just a few hours after he was born, just a little over 3 months ago. What I wanted to share, is the story of how my Son came into the world. A while ago, I met a… Read more

Simple, Not Easy

A little over a week ago, I published this message as a Facebook post, but I felt like it was important to share here on the blog: Remember, making money is SIMPLE if you’re around the right people. It is NOT easy in the sense of absence of… Read more

The Consistency Effect

Back in 2009 (timeline may be slightly off), I noticed something interesting about successful marketers. At the time, I was working my ass off… …and I was burnt out. Tired of getting on webinars and answering phone calls. I decided to find a… Read more

Live: Hangout With Amy Starr Allen & Jordan Schultz

Click Like To Download The Hangout As An MP3 (Audio) right click Today’s hangout is from a couple of weeks back with Amy Starr Allen & Jordan Schultz (I arrive around 30 minutes late with an important message). Click the play button… Read more

Creating the Life YOU Desire – 6 Figure Strategies for 2014 with Keala Kanae

Hey Folks, This hangout with Keala Kanae is from a couple of weeks back, and I challenge you to watch it for at least 20 minutes and not sit through till the end… …because this is by far one of most hilarious, entertaining, and… Read more

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