Simple, Not Easy

A little over a week ago, I published this message as a Facebook post, but I felt like it was important to share here on the blog: Remember, making money is SIMPLE if you’re around the right people. It is NOT easy in the sense of absence of… Read more

The Consistency Effect

Back in 2009 (timeline may be slightly off), I noticed something interesting about successful marketers. At the time, I was working my ass off… …and I was burnt out. Tired of getting on webinars and answering phone calls. I decided to find a… Read more

Live: Hangout With Amy Starr Allen & Jordan Schultz

Click Like To Download The Hangout As An MP3 (Audio) right click Today’s hangout is from a couple of weeks back with Amy Starr Allen & Jordan Schultz (I arrive around 30 minutes late with an important message). Click the play button… Read more

Creating the Life YOU Desire – 6 Figure Strategies for 2014 with Keala Kanae

Hey Folks, This hangout with Keala Kanae is from a couple of weeks back, and I challenge you to watch it for at least 20 minutes and not sit through till the end… …because this is by far one of most hilarious, entertaining, and… Read more

Live: Hangout With Avram & Nikki (EMFs & Programs)

“It’s cool being rich and free.” Today I’m joined by Avram & Nikki; to talk about internal programs, EMFs and how you can unplug from society’s program to live life by your own rules. In your own unique way, speaking and thinking your… Read more

Live: Hangout With Team BTC On Pee Toxicity, Beards & Farting Commissions

“When you can learn how to speak to people’s issues, and then you have a vision to get them out, you become like the archetype of Moses, leading the children of Israel out of Egypt and into the promise land.” Sup folks, Today’s hangout is… Read more

Live: Hangout With Lawrence Tam On ‘The Vision Effect’

Hey Folks, Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of hangouts… …and I’m publishing them all live, as they happen – right here. So there are a handful to catch up on. Today’s hangout is from January 3rd with Lawrence Tam,… Read more

Live Hangout: With Chris And Susan Beesley

In today’s hangout I talk about resources. Utilizing your internal and external resources to develop your own strategy… …because the reality is there’s no specific ‘way’ or strategy that works for everyone. How you decide to build… Read more

LIVE: Hangout With John Lavenia, Tony Rush & Mark Coccio

Watch the hangout, and leave me your thoughts in the comments below. Love ya, –  David Wood P.S. Have you seen this new… Read more

Sacred Creativity & Developing Ninja Like Focus

Sometimes, you just have to reach down inside yourself and make a decision to take massive action. To decide immediately, that you’re going to focus and do whatever it takes to complete a task. Other times, you have to realize that quality is… Read more

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